Water pumps: aluminium v. plastic

Pros/cons? I’ve only ever used aluminum, but I’m going to build another shifter, & am interested in finding out how the plastic pumps & pulleys compare.

If youre running plastic keep a spare on hand. They are kind of a disposable item. Best upside to em is they are lighter

How much more durable are we talking for the aluminum? I’m looking to add weight in masters and wouldn’t mind scrapping the plastic for the aluminum of it’s going to last longer.

Is it more efficient from a performance standpoint?

That i dont know to a number. Its one of those things u never think about until its dripping. Gut feel is the plastic ones start leaking or suffer bearing failure sooner but i dont have any kind of records on that. Weight is an issue for me so its a no brainer in my case.

In many ways it’s much of a muchness. The plastic ones don’t corrode on the inside like the alums do, even using distilled water.

But the alum are naturally more durable when you get a little argricultural with your kart.

Seals I’ve found no difference in longevity.
Alum will take more overheating abuse.

Best upgrade you can do is use braided belts.

Been using braided belts for a while now. Other than convienence - what advantage do they have over the solid ones?

you don’t have to remove the axle to replace them.

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“other than convienence” :grin:

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I once had an aluminum pump’s nut come loose and it came out of its mount. It then also lost its belts. Being that it didn’t have far to travel, since it still was connected to its hoses, it dragged along the ground, the contact with the ground moving the pulley. The pulley may have been grounded into a sharpened cone by the end, but it still kept turning and still kept the Leopard cool. I doubt a plastic one would have done that. Finishing the race (I think I finished 2nd) was well worth the extra cost of the pump.