We Want to Feature You in Our "Best of 2016" Video!

And more:

8.2 ci Rear Engine Class from VKA Race at Mid-State Kart Club race highlights, past WKA National Champion Terry Walters in white versus Late Model Stock Racer Jerry Nagel in #77. https://youtu.be/whqzAcOti1E

Dual Rear Engine Class, about 20 seconds from the same VKA Races at Mid-State Kart Club https://youtu.be/EAK5XbjwjTE

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Thanks @Racing_Psychosis. I’ll take a look at the shorter clips and pick something out. It’s just not feasible for us to go through multiple 20min+ videos to find snippets, so we’re putting the onus of racers to pick what they think is interesting since they have a sense of what happens where
In their clips anyway.

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(Admin Note: Can you please let us know the timestamps of some highlight content? Otherwise we’re not going to be able to sift through everything…)

1:15 clean pass over hill! 2:15 helping others pass to help get by yourself. 2:55 3 wide through turn 4 bc we came up on slower traffic! 3:36 passed guy he didnt even see me coming

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Awesome @Chris_Rossiter23 thanks!

@Dylan_North that ones action packed. What are your top picks in there? Let me know the times to look for.

Link should take you right to the action. (about 1:23-1:33 in if it doesn’t)
Buzzing some 4-cycles in the shifter and showing off a fun new camera angle down the front straight!

And one more just for fun.
I don’t know where to start with this race, the entire thing was a blast.

But there is a rather ambitious divebomb and some 3 wide action at 12:35 that might be good.

Hope this helps, look forward to seeing the end result!

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Thanks Ayrton, I’ll check these out.

Have you guys made video yet?

No sir. @Tj_Hollingsworth is going to be helping out with this, I need to get the source clips to him.

This was a great battle at the East Coast Karting track in Moncton NB between 2 Junior Briggs drivers, 607 and 636.
It starts at the 5min mark.

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