We Want to Feature You in Our "Best of 2016" Video!

Badass photo :copyright: Christian Marsh\Focal Perspective Media. Used with permission.

We’re putting together a video that features content form the KartPulse community.
Our goal is to make a 2-3 minute segment featuring clips from the #KPCollective. Clips that capture the essence, dynamism and most of all, the FUN of karting.

What we’re looking for…

Think about things that might be interesting not just to kart racers, but folks into racing generally

  • Content from all kinds of karting: Dirt, Paved, Outdoor, Indoor, Backyard, Grassroots, Road Racing, Vintage.
  • Content from all angles: Onboards, trackside, drones, pits
  • We’re not just looking for racing action, we’re also looking clips that show for emotion and fun
  • Action shots (not crashes) but near misses, great passes etc are good.

Here’s how you can get featured…

You need to have permission to use the video (Implied, but still…)
You don’t need to make brand new clips for this, but you will need to show us where to look.

  1. Post a reply to this topic (Include a link to your video)
  2. Tell us where (ie at what time) in the video we should look and what we’re looking for.

Looking forward to featuring your video! Reply below with any questions.

**All video submissions will be entered for spot prizes too :brap: **

Here’s an example submission


Checkout 4:50 for a massive dive down the inside.

Adam Rylance passes two fairly quick racers at NJMP in Senior Rotax
(friend of mine who said I could send)

Great Double Overtake

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Thanks Brayden. Are there any other clips in that vid that you think are worth looking at?

I’m not at home, but I have some pretty cool vids from my Florida winter tour race this year.

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The battle with Wehrheim and Pagano in the beginning is pretty intense. But also there are lots of cool moments in here.

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Have a few from 206 Cup that have good views. Feel free to watch them all.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IqHFiB6tkV8&t=596s Watch at 9:30 for 2 wheel action from Justin Wishard.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ySmKJuzshOI watch at 8:38 for double pass at the white flag

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KFCu2C8jp4k watch at 1:50 for 2 different lines and draft pass.

I have some more I can upload later.

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You can take whatever I have, guys. Just let me know and I’ll send you the files.

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Can you think of a copy of clips that were particularly interesting. We don’t need to you make new clips for them from scratch, just post a link to the video along with what time(s) we should look at

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Can you pick a couple of the best moments for me? Say three and let me know what times they are at?

This is how you pass 10 karts before the first corner. In the Masters division at NCMP everyone had a tendency to play follow the leader after the green into turn one. With some good timing I got this result. It’s all in the first 25 seconds

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3:20-3:45, 6:05-6:11

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OK. I’ll let you know what I find.

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You the man. Spread the word too. I’d especially like to get some trackside emotion type stuff too

I’m plugging away at this, grabbing the clips and piecing them together. Some great stuff so far from folks, thanks for taking the time to submit them.

Don’t forget to share this topic so we can get more badass video.

https://youtu.be/Ie9O-4KNdoM around1:50 is nice start to our jr sportsman class feel free to use any of it as it also has trackside setup and kids working on their karts.

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Nosecone ripped off my kart and sent flying at 7:07-7:17, also a separate crash at the beginning, use anything you want from the video or even the channel

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@AlltopRacing @Gilbs

Thanks guys! I’ll grab these and edit them. We’re avoiding crashes because we want to highlight other aspects that make karting enjoyable

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All video clips are ones that we shot over the course of the season, I think I did much of the work for you as many of these are a lot of highlight clips.

From the Vintage Karting Association Race at Sugar River Raceway, Mc49 Rear Engine Class, on board with me. VKA President and past Karting National Champion Bill McCormick is in the Blue and Silver helmet: https://youtu.be/p8NP0P872xk
From that same VKA race weekend, on board with me in the Dual Rear Engine Class fighting for the lead with Jerry Nagel at about the 4:00 minute mark: https://youtu.be/jpOALN5MCw0

Shawn Welte.

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