(Weekly) KartPulse Racer Videos Thread

Trailbrakes every corner, doesn’t coast. :point_up_2:

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He has become one with the pedals. All hail transcendent Norberg!

I can’t tell how he made it. Curious what software he used. It kind of looks like synch is off a bit. Maybe it’s just two different camera angles messing with me.

watch in 0.25 speed its a bit off sync…

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Lando does his bit to promote karting

The policy is you just move on to the next one. No discount, no nothing. It’s really not very fair when I think about it. It’s quite rare that it happens, but when it does it really screws you over

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I’m sorry to keep doing this to you @speedcraft , but our race program is changing yet again. We shall instead experiments with Ice and Fire and see who wins.

Sorry @Bimodal_Rocket , I have enough of frozen lakes during the winter.
Besides, I’ll wait until they come up with an on-board gas tank agitator (aka afterburner) system. :grin:

Fear not Warren! I will keep scouring the wide world of motorsports for the ideal form. I am confident that I can find us a program that will delight and challenge us.

Ok @speedcraft now hear me out. Clearly you are a man of discerning motorsports tastes. Perhaps instead of starting a team we should start a Motorsport business. But it would have to be one that plays to your inherent attention to detail and perfectionism. It must also be a difficult job that requires great skill and dedication. A lifetime of learning to perfect, if ever.

With that said, I believe that I have found a Motorsport related business that would be both profitable and spiritually fulfilling:

Warning: graphic violence

It’s a little bit like watching a nature documentary wherein a lion eats it’s kill.

Wow @Bimodal_Rocket , this is a very impressive display of bringing a machine to life (or projecting your own life through a machine). The dexterity and precision is amazing, but using that pincer to remove the wiring loom seems like bringing a Vulcan Cannon to a knife fight… but it works, and it’s quick.

I think this should be your next career move… Optimus-Prime_Rocket.
I already have a Motorsports related business; confusing drivers who are trying to get faster. :joy:

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Indeed but he’s a master and does it the hard way just because.

But I agree. You are now a man of leisure and who am I to rope you back into a new career. I shall redouble my efforts to find us an engaging and appropriate stage upon which we can display our talents and win some trophies. One that is “fun” and does not involve ice.

Holy crap!

I never knew these existed. Someone teach me how to race motorbikes.

This is perfect hoon vehicle.

California SuperBike School

Why are you encouraging me? This can only end in money being wasted and additional injuries. 19k is compelling in a 250 package. I’m guessing you could feel like you are going 100 at 30mph.

A little highlight reel from the OVKA night race tonight:

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OVKA seems to get its races out in social media with regularity. Are you doing their media stuff?

Some of it, yeah. Just trying to get the word out since the Midwest is a crowded marketplace for karting with so many series and tracks.

We pulled 106 karts yesterday for the night race, which was nice to see with some pretty big classes.

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Yeah I’ve noticed you have made nice videos and get them out there regularly.

MKR 2, Prefinal 2023. - YouTube

Hello! this is prefinal from mkr2, Here comes a quick recap…

Practice 1: P6

Practice 2: P11 after a crash that made that the front geometry was wrong and my steering wheel was off center

Quali: Got a P5 time but got a black flag (Disqualified) So i had to start last in upcoming heats

Heat 1: P27-P15 Worked myself up in the field in heat 1 and got a 15.

Heat 2: P27-P20 pretty good work from me again.

Prefinal: P19-P11

Final: P11-P8

Pretty satisfied for never been at the track before and had 2 sessions to learn the track and get the setup dailed in… My hometrack is the next race so i will be hoping for a podium or atleast a top 5 finish

See ya

Awa Racing Team :slight_smile:

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Typical English weather for this one, always tricky on a drying track…

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