(Weekly) KartPulse Racer Videos Thread

Oooh, close one at 50s approx. wrestled it back to the dry!

Cool Pass at 1:23, catch the rest later. A good start!

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Vintage stuff!

Terry Fullerton appearance

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As I raced more and more tracks I found that I got better at new tracks. There’s something about experiencing many different turns, having them as part of your vocabulary. When you go to a new track it becomes easier to get to pace. Turns become “familiar”.

Go race as many layouts in Europe as you can.

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Trading places and back again:


Why not go under?

Yeah i had a hard time deciding what to do with the 113 infront of me bc she is a very deffensive driver… If i would go under she woud of blocked me aff and maby a crash would happen so idk maby was worth a try :wink:

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I think you could have. You kinda thumped her pretty good on the braking bit which means to me that you’d have cleared her (probably). That being said, you were probably wiser.

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This one hurt to miss

Unfortunately I had to back out of the 6 hrs of NY. However, Brandon Lyatis stepped up and joined @AndreLafond and @E13 to round out the team.

They got crap weather, and it appears the timing systems went nuts. But, I suspect fun was had.

Brandon put a very cool vid together, which I hope you shall enjoy.

He shatters the fourth wall or whatever it’s called by forcing us to pit with him for 30s, how cheeky.


Wow, his race was a lot more chaotic than mine

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Send it harder! :checkered_flag::checkered_flag::checkered_flag::checkered_flag:

It was a pretty entertaining race. We were in the lead or fighting for it for a decent bit which was cool. Lapped traffic was brutal though. Some slower learning individuals also dug a few trenches where they went off which was funny.

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I think I just got called a slow learner :joy:

Jokes aside, it was a great race. Avoiding all the spin outs and stray barriers was a hoot. It was also honestly fun to just yank the steering wheel and wait for the grip to arrive. I’ll post some footage soonish. (What free stuff would allow me to make a highlight reel?)

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Well I guess it depends. I have taken to trying to avoid having g the video re-encoded. It makes the videos look bad.

So what I’ve been doing is simply clipping off the highlights and then combining them in something like losslesscut which merges files together without encoding.

To make cool titles and stuff you need to use a video editor. There are some free ones. Finding one that is simple and free I don’t know. I used the built in windows one in the past.

Brandon made a nice vid so maybe he has some good ideas about editing software.

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Racing @ OVRP on 7/1 for the first time, an7yinsight for track nuances? I’ll take a day off during the week to turn laps.

It’s an unusual track and lots of fun. I can’t help with specific gearing, alas, but I’m sure someone here can. The track features a very tight radius hairpin that makes it interesting, from a gearing perspective, as there is also a long back straight.

Luckily 6 speeds help cover some of the shortcomings of less-than-optimal countershaft and axle gearing. Looks like a fun course, I am guessing it is smoother than E-town.

It is. It’s an actual track! That being said it’s known for its funky t1 braking zone. It has some ripples which must be fun when banging down from 6th to 2nd.

It’s other unique feature is the corkscrew type turn onto s/f straight.

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I’ll let you know after 7/1 :wink:

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Here’s some still shots I took to get you stoked and maybe see some angles you won’t normally when driving:

Look at the rubber going into t1 for what I mean about ripply braking zone.

Enjoy the race and send it hardest.

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Now would be good.

@AndreLafond and @E13

It’s funny that you guys had the same conditions Nick and I got last year for the race. Since we are mainly rental guys these days, it’s special thing for us to get to ride in rain because they usually just cancel rental rain races.

Anyways, 3 hours of trying to wrestle a rental kart in the rain is unbelievably good learning. I am no Tanguy in the rain, but each time I get the opportunity to kart in the wet, I learn more!

I am bummed I was not able to come and slip around too!