(Weekly) KartPulse Racer Videos Thread


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I agree! Should have been driving Kz much sooner this year. But the classic basically took all the time, and yes I have a PCR/Vortex and a Minarelli engine to it.

Fully agree, both are challenging in their own way. I feel like it is a perfect mix to own both types of karts. They complement each other very well, after driving some 100cc I feel much faster in the KZ😳

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sssht :shushing_face: don’t tell anyone…best kept secret

Pinky promise :joy: Otherwise people will buy all the 100cc stuff and there is none of the goodies for us

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Ah, here’s where my new job comes in handy for a great excuse. I’m working 6 days a week, 60 hours a week. I’ve been too tired to post them

That’s a decent excuse. Now stop goofing off and get back to work.

Of course it feels faster. It’s a KZ.

I think he means his driving is faster.

The gap between a good 100 and a KZ is closer than one might expect. Then again the 100cc classes ran at 308lbs :laughing:

I meant that after driving some 100cc I could extract more out of the Kz wired enough

Some fun 3 kart racing a a couple weekends ago. The 0 just sent it so respect to him.

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Little video on how ultrasonic cleaners can be used​:star_struck::smiley::thinking:

Need to be careful using consumer grade US cleaners with aluminum. They can can cause pitting due to insufficient frequency. Industrial grade US are made for the job, but $$$.

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Its fine i guess. My buddy had no problem and has been using for 3 years on carbs

Its 160w and i use pressured air and towels to remove water

Oohh. That was beautiful Lucas, clean lines and cheerful motion all along … this video make me let the telephone down and head to the balcony for a cigarette and a whiskey
tom cruise GIF by Paramount Movies


Wow thank you Stamatis!

I’ve driven xxxxx amounts of laps on this track :joy:

It is technical yet still very good flow in it, once you get into a rhythm it is super nice!

I usually tend to go faster at the end off sessions, the laps when I began to push was 42.5, 42.4, 42.25 and the absolute fastest in the penultimate lap was 42.1.

And last year when I raced here I qualified 41.9 and that put me in 4th place

Kz is such a beast to drive, very beautiful when all the gears and driving synchronizes :raised_hands:t2:


haven’t posted here in a while but here’s a fun race from this past weekend


I race my son and lose. Yay!

Got Nick back out and we had a fun race. He started 2 and me 4. I decided to try to shadow him and maybe push a bit, work with him as we went along.

I paid the price for this in lap 2 as Nick went wide on exit of t1 and I gave him some room, getting steamrollered by the pack in the process. I then tried to send it to the next apex to recover some ground and got eaten alive. Deservedly so.

The fun then began and I spent the rest of the race trying to catch Nick. I got close a couple times but never really had a totally clean walk by so we kept on keeping on.

Good drive, Nick!

(On the cool down lap, he spins before going into pits. Pro move.)

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Welcome back! And, as always, nice racing!

It sometimes does be that way.

So what’s the view from the balcony?