(Weekly) KartPulse Racer Videos Thread

Here you are dom ! Front and rear views from the balcony . When gets dark is much more romantic . Now its noon time 6:40 time . We didnt make it today for some garage whrenching , so i find time for a coffee and a good reading . Niki lauda autobiography is so much interesting!! Highly reccomended also !

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OK i’ll come over and smoke with you, then. :sunglasses: Later in the afternoon, lets go storm that castle on the hill. Ill bring the lances, we’ll use your karts to attack.

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Welcome any time ! When the evening comes the castlle gets his lights on too so its that the moment we will switch from coffee to whiskey. Im saving the good one for a special time .

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Okay, where is this?

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Karystos is my hometown spencer !

Was looking for tracks. How far do you have to go to get in kart?

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Well it’s something like 3 hours more or less road trip. Just for the 2 tracks near home. It’s a little long yes but it’s doable. We start early morning and with good spirit and company the road get behind us quickly.

The 2 tracks is speedpark and kartodromo.

The first is a close but very technical track and the other is the typical wide national type racing track. Its a lot other s on our radar but seems to me like a weekend practice to them worth it coz it’s 5 or six hours trip to reach them…

αρχείο λήψης


That’s not too bad a drive at all. I’ve taken to driving down to Baltimore from central Jersey for racing lately, which is about the same distance. What’s nice about it is that it makes you want to make a day of karting, since you are driving 3 hrs there and back. So, I’ll go earlier and do practice before races.

Your island needs to host a race to the castle!
The bottom track you show is very interesting. It reminds me of the spiral track I was talking about.

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Its one of my favorites , its the place for the first test after we finish the second kart . When we do the practice there , i will keep you posted with how it went !

Now hear me out…

What if we doubled the fun?

Connect it to itself!

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Holly Molly!! Thats a hell of a ride dom !! But its gonna be very tricky to find the correct gearing ratio into this maze track !!

I am not responsible for any neck injuries.

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Meanwhile, a small Italian village is ransacked:


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Road racing has something special!!
I dont known how to explain it , but it feels different!
I didn’t know that a race like that existed in south italy !

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Yeah that reminds me of Patras a bit. Thought you’d like that!

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Well dom the latest news from pick patras trophy race , aint good . It has been a serious accident with a kart that gets airborn and the wheel hit in the head a six year old child that it was standing just outside the barriers and watched the race .

The kid was lucky and the worst scenario was avoided and after several days in the hospital it was back in full health
Thanks god everyone else was all right .

But there have been six arrests for not good safety rules at the team that organized the race … now we still dont know if the officials allow again the pick patras . As we speak the race is suspended .
I cant find it in the calendar for 2023

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Well, shit.

We can’t have anything nice.

Yikes I remember that crash. I think I might have purposely not posted it at the time.

Why did the driver suddenly turn hard L? Mechanical failure?

Well spencer they never did a public statement of the cause but this course is a very slippery road course so maybe just slipped or the kart behind him touch him and make him loose control ??