(Weekly) KartPulse Racer Videos Thread

I googled this just to make sure if it ever comes to fisticuffs between us that I would be completely informed about wether I should run. I was not able to find any evidence of competitive combat outside of the karting arena specific to you.

However, apparently there’s a skeleton model that is marketed under your name. I am not sure what this means if anything but is appropriate given the moniker of “ghost”.

Did you also find the children’s book about penguins that i apparently wrote?

I think you’ll be fine. I said I was better at rumbling than racing, but I didnt say I was good at either one! :slight_smile:

Those who specialize in studying birds, including penguins, are called ornithologists.

While we on subject of Derek and his penguins… I stumbled across this the other day…

Werner Herzog puts a distinct spin on nature documentaries.

“With 5000 km ahead of him. He’s heading towards certain death.”

This topic kinda goes all over :laughing:


Derek’s passion for penguins and motorsports intersected briefly in the 90s. The penguins proved to be too aggressive as racers.

Penguin stories:

One time in Northern Ireland, some guys (almost certainly under influence) broke into a zoo and fed the penguins to the tigers :hushed:
It’s not really funny until you think of these guys chasing penguins around at night. [edit: source: BBC News | NORTHERN IRELAND | Penguin thrown to the lions ]

It’s a running joke between me and my eldest daughter that I’d love to have pet penguins…. So she made me one for Fathers Day


That’s quite a well made penguin. kArt even!

“They decapitated a chipmunk and stole three others from the Ashbrook vocational centre.”

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What do you think of my dads suprise for my nationals?? Its brand new praga fighter


Your dad is pretty awesome! You picked a good kart dad to have.

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Yeah! I love my dad he is my best friend snd more​:wink::smiley:

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100cc Sr Heat and Feature race videos from OVKA Round 4 at G&J Kartway:



2023 Thomfield Engineering House of Hundred Super National Championship Belt


I think I’m starting to get the hang of this


Where do you live these days or have you gone full karting nomad?

Nice video! Does ollie patting the engine whilst exiting the pits do anything?

chokes the engine and dumps fuel in. Sometime u need it to help it start

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Second set of videos from our double header. Ran well in the feature, where we had a decent 13 kart field:


Heat Race:

Feature Race:

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Had some fun on Sunday morning while the track was still wet

Still live in NY

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How many weekends a year are you on the road? I’m guessing with winter tour it’s basically perpetual?

It’s funny when I was at OKC recently I had exactly the same puddles. It was sunny with standing water.