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Some have breadbox side protection. Most don’t. I am guessing it was mandated at some point?

The adoption might vary but

I think sidepods came in around 87?
Followed by nosecones in 88/89.
Then full width metal bumpers around 96-98
Plastic rear bumpers in 2004.

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1994 was last year of podless in UK from a regulatory standpoint.


Magic number seems to be around 30, given the last few years

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85 is when the fibre glass ones appears in Formula K iirc. Not sure on the other dates. Full width rear bumpers at CIK level came in around 2004-2006 time. UK we had them 1995ish. So it’s all over the place

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From what I recall sidepods and nosecones each came in as optional at first.

They were all optional in the UK until 1995. Internationally the sidepod use was ubiquitous pretty quickly so I assume it was mandated, but I could be wrong.

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Practice session from the last Stars weekend in KA Masters. GoPro mount didn’t cooperate with me the rest of the weekend. Had the pace all weekend but a few mistakes in the 2nd heat and Prefinal cost me.


This gets so subtle. When is D not appropriate?

Should one not defend against faster drivers in a race? There is wisdom there, in that they will pass you anyways and perhaps you will learn more about racing by not trying to forestall the inevitable?

Generally, if someone has big pace on me, I will yield after a “show me you have the pace” interaction or if it’s obvious. However, if they are faster kart-wise but don’t have the chops to make full use of it, I sure as heck am defending and attacking back if/when they get by. This may just be a rentals thing since owner karts won’t have that kind of speed disparity from machine to machine.

But, that’s more tactical thinking than anything else. Takes the emotion of racing out of it.

Nice driving Chris… excellent throttle control!
Also very sensible and appropriate overtaking for a practice session.

What was the nature of the mistakes that ended up costing you?

Racing has a lot of grey area and every competitor will have an opinion on what’s acceptable racecraft and what isn’t. I drive my race, you drive yours, and in the end we can discuss at the scale line and let the race directors arbitrate it.

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:microphone: :arrow_down:

So, the rule is there is no rules until a thing has happened and then we decide if it was reasonable or not.

Buuuuuut, what’s OK to me may be offensive to you. So there are rules because it’s not OK for me to push you off track if you are in my way. But they aren’t all official or written down, necessarily. I’d like to think common sense is involved but that’s absent in a deliberate send attempt (which could be a good one).

So it’s subjective, mostly, unless it’s egregious.

No wonder the new guys are so nervous. It’s a big grey area.

Went up over the back of the leader in heat 2 while running 2nd…ended up finishing 6th or 7th and learned the chassis had been bent ~10mm. In the prefinal I spun going into the I70 hairpin a bit too hot making a pass and had to start the final from 16th-ish. Good experience to learn from for the next weekend.


Let’s go racin’! You free the 8th? 6 hours of Joisey. Andre is coming. Nick is going to his girlfriends so just us 3.

Edit: I came up with a new team name and I stole it from @XanderClements

The Kart Chasers

Hold up:

I’ll work on the Xander homage next race, I’m liking Rebel Scum for this race


Bummer, but at least you have pace, and it sounds like you have an attitude that will make those experiences pay dividends. :+1:

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It is exactly that btw. How you look is trained, force of habit.

Perhaps as a motivator, as a fellow racer when I see my competition looking around a bunch I tend to read that as a manifestation of situational anxiety and then have to decide if that means the racer will be aggressively defending or wether they will make stress induced mistakes. Perhaps both.

USPKS tire pile @ Newcastle


Grip and seat time for daaaaays

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SuperGT at AMP