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Experienced this to my benefit at Rotax when it came to Pitt race, tons of tires for club guys to use in races for the rest of the year! Is this what they mean by trickle down economics :rofl:

Nationals in 2 days​:scream::smirk:


Dont forget poor guys like me that jas to rebuild my engine every 6hr😭

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I remember when I had low maintenance engines too :laughing: (Formula A was top ends every 40mins or so)

Joking aside, maybe a used rotax would be a good package to turn laps with and experiment with chassis changes.

Why not 4 wide? @AndreLafond and the busy corner:


Another good one: sent from beyond the horizon


How did Nationals go, Mike?

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Oh. Im in the second day of offical testing and im as of now with old tires and testing engine with oring chan 6th place of 60… so we will see. Quali tomoroww and some heats and dah after that we have more heats and superheats and then fullday pre and final


Wow so it’s a busy 5 days? Seems similar in scale to the big skusa races. That’s gonna be really fun and intense.

Is this your first time racing in one of these big national events?

Steve does surprisingly well trying a powerful kart in very wet conditions. He does a lead follow with Billy and drives through many large puddles.

Learning to kart on a shifter in the rain:

I have raced big events like this but not specifically like nationals

Quick announcement, I’ve created a space for driver stories and race reports including videos.

For visibility I recommend posting there when it makes sense.

Your poor Praga got all muddy! Very wet but looks like fun!

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Yeah… but i got a new one for bow and this one will be for rain if it comes up then i sell

Well good luck in the heats! Maybe you can be Swedish champion guy.

Heat 1 done and it went bad… start was ok for me but a guy was pushed off and flipped broke 2 arms. Other guy divebombed me when i was turning in and he took out guy infront… redflag restart and i get bad outside line on rubber get pushed in to someone and get a drop bumper… then i almost got smashed bc some guy 2 wheeled thrugh a corner so i had to brake and oost 5 positions. results: p13/49

Ooof. Sorry for the troubles. More heats tho. It will get better.

In a pretty bad mood but other heats went worse​:melting_face::sob::sob:

2023/07/12 official testing p8 and p10
07/13 quali p14 after a bad setup, heat 1 i was
pushed back a bit after the flag and dropped to
16 worked up to p13 and got a fairing.
07/14. Heat 2 i was pushed on the start in the
grass i worked up to 16th making a overtake
the same guy that pushed me off at the start
decided to push me off on the grass again
causing me to drop to p20… i got a penalty
beacuse a guy spun when i was overtaking on
the inside…
Heat 3; start ok but in turn 1 someone
divebombed me and bent my steering colum
and spindels so i had a really offcenter
steeringwheel the whole session.
I pulled up to the starting grid for second
chanse and 2 tires where flat bc the beadlock
screws broke… so i didnt get to start…
Anyways no luck for me and i will be ending
the champ 1 day early bc i didnt get to finals.
I could be much much higher in placement
if luck was on my side. Next race is mkr 5
Ser ya then

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