Forum Category Update

With the ever increasing popularity of the “chat” topic:

A lot of good content that deserves their own topic (Esp driver diaries and yes edited videos count for this too) is getting lost in the mix.

I’ve renamed what was the “race schedules and reports” category to Kart Race Reports, Driver Diaries and Schedules

For those of you that are video blogging, or generally talking about your own races I’d encourage you to post a topic under this category as it will give more visibility not just here on the forums, but also internet search engines (and yeah AI too). Which is a good thing for you, your sponsors and your track/series.

I’ve moved a couple of posts from the video megatopic to the renamed one as examples.

What I’d also like to do is ask folks looking for driving tips based on their videos is to place these under Driving, Data & Fitness.

The overlap of these two categories is not lost on me, but let’s start with this and iterate from there


Good idea!

I am offender #1 when it comes to miscategorized stuff.

To be Frank, I have turned the sim blog/thread into Doms Adventures and Mental Diarrehea. I probably shouldn’t be a mod.

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