(Weekly) KartPulse Racer Videos Thread

Yeah that sucks but don’t let it ruin your week. From what I’ve been told, the big events like that, everyone has sharp elbows and things get messy.

I have no firsthand experience with nationals but I’m willing to bet that it’s a “learned” thing. There’s a lot more going on, a lot more people, etc. I would imagine it’s hard to be at your best on a crowded, aggressive track with a ton of other drivers trying to be the next champ. By doing it this year, you will be far better prepared for next year and by the year after that, it will be old hat.

I mentioned Oliver a couple times. He’s a bit older than you but kind of followed a similar path. He first was doing club stuff and by the time he was done here, he was a national level racer doing the USPKS and SKUSA stuff.

If I’m not mistaken he found the big races challenging at first but he ultimately got better and better in time and was really successful.

Stick with it and you may well learn how to race in those slightly crazy fields.

Put it this way. You probably learned a lot more in the past couple days of suffering than you would have winning an easier race.

Oh do you have a clip of you on the Swedish news? I thought you said you were in tv for an interview.

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I forgot to film the news😪 and somehow you cant replay the news again so i didnt even get to see it…

If you want to watch the livestream the link is here starts in 3hr https://www.svenskbilsporttv.se/livestream/97719


Heat 3 Sweidsh championship 2023 - YouTube

here is my onboard with some funyy clips MABY take a look when you have the time?

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18+ karting content

Got bullied again. I guess I need to go back to monke mode.


Yep, that’d piss me off. Any penalties?

lol. Talk to the race director and ask him if you can start from the pits like @Richard_Jacques does in iRacing. :grinning:

Ends too soon. Very good driving. Some really nice linked corners. Really aggressive passing but understandable given the clown-show start. Pass opportunities were taken. Round the outside? No problem. Well done. I imagine you are happy with that. That was some good driving with lots of late braking and sends!

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Did this league someone manage to project iRacing into reality?

Next time, don’t bring a real racer (with skill and ethics and all that crap) to an iRacing fight.
No monke mode… it’s time to go full APE S**T on them! :roll_eyes:

No penalties unfortunately.

Yeah my camera wouldn’t work correctly, dunno why. Not super happy mainly because I gained some weight, and I need to lose roughly 20lbs :frowning:

Had similar where Elias and my cameras just shut themselves off. Argh Gopro.

The good news about losing 20lb a is that you have been eating well in Europe most likely.

How does the daily eating compare, Europe to
NYC? Is food still better generally or has food all gone boites de grande surface?

No I have been under a lot of stress, so I have been stress eating slightly. Nothing too bad, I just need to exercise again :slight_smile:

NYC had more food-to-go restaurant, more options, but France is better quality for less monies

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Any UK readers participating?



In place of its famous 12 Hour race, the Club are instead staging a celebratory one-off event, the BLMRA 500. On Saturday, 12 August 50 intrepid teams of three – some from the US and Europe – will converge on a West Sussex farm to contest what is, as the name suggests, a 500 lap race, which should see it las􏰀ng 14 hours. The Club calculates that based on past performances the winning mower will have covered an astonishing 400 miles by the finish, almost equivalent to travelling from London to Manchester and back.

If anyone goes, bring back pics.

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Dom, Uncorked (Moral Incident Analysis)

What a fun race. This is sort of the opposite of what I experienced last time at the enduro. I came prepared and drove very assertively.

I started towards the back and ultimately made my way to first. I dialed the aggression back a touch for the final pass, hoping to find a clean and easy solution. Unfortunately, I slightly compromised my pass on 1, which allowed Chris Sielko to get under and take the lead away right after I took it.

Alas, in the ensuing chase #3 punts me and my dreams of podium evaporated. However, I put my nose down and make a spot back and finish in style, and, apparently the fella who punted me got a penalty.

I took no prisoners here and Chris Sielko (yellow shirt) felt the turbulence. All that bumping was me pushing Chris through the corner so that I didn’t get eaten by the pack. I was pushing us through, and, if you look at footage, he benefited, so my apologies for the tough love. He got podded by the guy in blue, not me. :grin:

I made a number of passes here that elicited “gestural” reactions from the drivers so I was concerned us that perhaps I was driving too rough. Upon inspection of my footage, I’d say I was totally fair. Small opportunities were turned into larger ones, but I did not precipitate those mistakes. I just capitalized. I did, however, apply pressure and may have made some folks uncomfortable. #47 seemed like maybe I had him waaay out of comfort zone. Chris didn’t seem happy being shoved around, either!

Ironically, when I found myself trying to pass the leader I decided to be less aggressive and look for an easier pass. I pushed him along, hoping for a mistake. This ultimately cost me, allowing 2 and 3 to close back up. I don’t think I made a bad decision, but a slight miscalculation in my pass, resulting in a tap of the barrier which pushed me slightly wide, allowed chris to move into first and take the win once I was punted by 3. So, I guess it was a bad decision, but it’s a learning moment.

Opinions? Is the savagery appropriate?

Final thott: after the race, the photographer found me and told me that I ran a heck of a race. That felt nice.

Oh, here’s a really fun battle from Prefinal. I started pretty much pole and had to fend this fella off into t1 repeatedly. It was very entertaining knowing I had to outbrake him and he was game to play chicken.

Anyone wanna see the problem with looking back? The bit where I catch up to and then pass 47. Take a look at how this compromises his driving (timestamp at 6mins):

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It’s rental karting, so I guess anything goes for the most part. But for me, there were a few instances where you were sticking your nose in places it should not have been and leaning on people too much.

Like this is kind of nuts. I drive like this on Gran Turismo.

Good work crossing that guy over lap after lap though. You’d think he would learn or make a mental note.

Ok. But if I’m gonna be squeezed down (as I would expect) in rentals you have closed wheel wells. Ain’t none of us gonna let you narrow me to Zero. So yeah, I am making room.

Serious question, the only other option is lift and get swallowed. What’s your response here? Not trying to be fighty and defensive, just curious what your eyes tell you was better.

Also, contextually your little photo above is literally t1 I think of first lap so there’s a scrum going on iirc. Note we are three wide and there’s 4 behind. It’s slow and we are just starting getting sorted.

Now when I almost hit the tires trying to go around a guy, that was special.

I get it but I would be pretty annoyed if someone basically pit-maneuvered me trying to hang 3-wide when they have been beaten, have no space and no claim to the corner.

In a normal racing situation, you got beat here and sometimes you need to lift. The first issue is not getting the crossover completed fully, meaning you’re stuck on the outside and then forced way wide. This is especially detrimental if you’re on the opening laps and you’ve got a train behind you. If that’s the case, you’ve put yourself in a really precarious situation because you’ve placed your kart in the worst position on the exit of that corner and opened the door to get freight-trained. You over-drove (or got shoved from behind) the right-hander trying to beat the guy to the apex, and by doing so, you left an even bigger gap for the third kart to slip into the middle. Middle kart tried to give you just enough space and you took all that space and then some. His mistake was not immediately driving you to the barrier.

Obviously you salvaged the spot and came out ahead, which is great, so in that respect you did the “right” thing, I’m just giving some perspective on why some people might be pretty pissed with that move. But again, it’s rental karting and with the bumpers there is really no consequence to that sort of move, other than people waving at your or being annoyed.

Thanks for that, that makes sense.

It’s kind of cheap and I just kept it in bounds. I’m gonna go with I’m ok with this one. I don’t think there could be a penalty called.

However, I did do one asshole move for sure.

I got a pass thrown under me in prefinal in closing lap I thought was cheap and lazy for the position.

I responded by briefly considering releasing my momentum on his turned kart but that would have taken us out. Instead I leaned on him a bit (without actually putting him in wall) to express my displeasure. It was wrong but I thought the pass was bullshit.

Here’s one that I am less confident was a good pass but I couldn’t not take it. If someone loses it wide like this, it seems stupid not to capitalize. But, he does bounce off me as he tries to come back down to apex:

I don’t see what’s wrong with his pass?

There’s literally nothing wrong with that overtake, unless you gave us the wrong time stamp

It requires him to take a ridiculous line that compromises his and my momentum. Too much space. Totally legit turn, just I hate it. I too could park an apex, but I don’t.