(Weekly) KartPulse Racer Videos Thread

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What on earth is this? Backyard karting? Please enlight me.

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Ah ye olde Red Mist. The corner cut to t-bone the other guy was psycho and that dude needs to stop racing for a while.

Short oval racing. Very popular in the states. What else you wanna know?

It’s indoor “coke syrup” racing.

So like nascar but gokart?

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Yes. Oval karting is pretty popular in areas of the United States

If I am not mistaken… the Danger Dorito was triumphant at short track indoor.

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I really strongly recommend trying short track in sim. And medium tracks.

Superspeedway is a different animal.


Ovals are incredible driving and racing, and I thought it was dumb until I did it.

Well its not a go pro video or something of quality ,
And this is the only place that you can see the others racing and still got one eye on your stuff in the paddocks .

 But  We can still smell the fun !!

Nice sound and the karts are quick!

I don’t get the response… they cross S/F and the guy doesn’t cover the first apex and gets a nose under him. Problems follow.

Seems like he is upset he didn’t defend properly and went ham.

I enjoy oval driving a lot. But when it comes to karting the full course cautions make it a hard pass for me. It seems like at times you get about 40% of laps under green and race against a small grid.

Each to their own, I’d love to race roundy roundy, but the yellow flags would drive me nuts.


This guy subbed and I went to check out his stuff… I love it.

Here’s a couple dirt sprint tracks. Karting’s soul is alive and kicking in Argentina . Shifter (maybe 4-stroke?).

Those 4T shifters with the non steering column shifter are popular in SA. They look like FUN!

hell yeah . looks real good !!!

I’m playing around with using mychron telemetry overlays onto my GoPro videos. I went back and edited a race from last season and I’m loving the telemetry!

No only is it more entertaining to watch, it also has helped me learn from my race footage. With the dynamic laptimer right there in the video, I can easily determine if the lap I’m watching was fast or not. Additionally, I’ve found it super helpful to be able to pause the footage at say, the apex of a corner and look at the corner speed, RPMs and g-forces. It is really a game changer for my data analysis and much less expensive than a Smartycam!

Let me know what you guys think!

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What program are you using to do this?
I had to give up on racerender because of a glitch I couldn’t resolve.

In rentals I’d use the GoPro telemetry and eventually that got borked. Now that I’m using hero12, they don’t have telemetry anymore, anyways.

But yeah I found it very helpful. It was particularily useful to me being able to see min/max speed through a corner. You could see if your approach yielded fruit.

Iracing car stuff was really good, I didn’t experience much restarts in the 30-60 lap races we’d do in USF2000.