(Weekly) KartPulse Racer Videos Thread

Cool! I need to figure out how to get notified about these. I really want to try his league out when Keith gets it going.

The video looks really nice. Did you do a bunch of post? I really like the look. Did you use an nd filter?
It’s really well produced as well and I love the graphics.

That will be a very interesting track to race on. The surface appears very grippy. There’s quite a bit of flow. The setup leaves a lot of room to get creative in traffic.

Edit: suggested to Keith they compete with NJMP endurance days.

Logic being that NJMP only does these 2x a month which creates an opportunity.

The other thing is folks don’t like having to pay upfront for all weeks of a series . Endurance days are typically one off as far as reg goes.

However, make it a 5-10 race points thing and give me a reason to do them all.

Keith says next open lapping will be early July.

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Here’s the prefinal from last night’s race at 103rd Street Sport Complex with the North Florida Kart Club. My GoPro decided to shut itself off in the middle of the final. Nothing new there. Something went wrong with the Odenthal Racing Products vibration isolator mount and a little bit of shaking was too much for the Hero 10 Black to handle. I went on to finish 4th in the final.

Anyway, this prefinal is a mixed grid of TaG Seniors (the two karts who roll off first) and TaG masters (the other nine karts on the gird). I’m racing in TaG masters with my KA100 at 360 lbs against a field of 125cc karts at 390 lbs. I start third and finish third with a big gap in front and a big gap behind. Not much wheel-to-wheel action here, but it gives a good view of the track’s layout and it offers a chance to learn from my driving mistakes.

Throughout the night, I noticed some of my competitors seemed to be going too low on their starting tires pressures, especially as the sun went down. You can see that the 125cc kart ahead of me is all over the place in the opening laps. The pre-final was only 8 laps and the final was only 12. Since I have a much lighter kart with less power and a gentle right boot, I’m able to keep my tire pressures/temperatures in the working window all race despite starting 1-2 psi higher than my competitors on the same tire. My tires come up to temperature more quickly, and I’m fast in the opening laps, allowing me to build a gap to the 4th place kart. Later in the race, his tires heat up and he starts to track me down, but by then it’s too late.


Went over to Dawson, IL to Mid-State Kart Club last night. My second race of the year, but my first one at a track. Took a few sessions to knock most of the rust off.


Jeez, Burpo. If you could get the last two corners before the big straightaway right one time, you would’ve had a chance.

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Perks of being a semi-retired less than part time driver. :joy:

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A busy track on Father’s Day with Nick

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Oof, first time on the wet is always sketchy.

If you need some reference !

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Must have been a blustery day? Is there a wind cover available for your camera?

I have one but I can’t connect the external battery bank if I use it :frowning_face:

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Some good times with the OVKA. Some crash action I wasn’t too pleased about, but it could have been worse.

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If you have spare change,get the media mod as it has built in dead cat. Also has connectors on the mod so you can power cam external.

I’ve come across a couple cool vids that some young racers made to promote themselves or just to make a neat video, maybe. I thought the intro section of this one was particularly good.

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That track seems ideal fo lo racing. I love the rapid weight transfer sections and the fact that it seems to never let up until you see the silo and get to go straight for a moment. It has a very different feel than Newcastle, as it’s opposite, kind of. Also that new pavement. Yum.

it’s definitely a different vibe than newcastle. the races at G&J this weekend will be a little more high speed and open, but we do have the kink on the front stretch worked in. should be fun!

Here’s a lighthearted moment that is relatable rental-wise:

A hot day out at G&J today, but we were saved by the breeze. Accidentally left my GoPro in Hyper lapse mode for the Pre-Final but it came out pretty cool:

And then got a regular video of the Feature where my brother got around me and I just chased and pushed him around:

I like the way the prefinal looks as well.

@Bokeno_Racing this track is really cool. The corn in the background really adds to the ambiance.

After knocking on the door all season, I finally notched up a Feature win this weekend on Sunday in 100cc Masters. Started 3rd and tucked in behind my brother in the 27 and drove like hell to keep up with him and the leader. Unfortunately both of them suffered spins, leaving me to bring it home:

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My favorite thing about racing. It ain’t over till it’s over. Congratulations!