(Weekly) KartPulse Racer Videos Thread

Jeez what a race day. Maybe next time Mr. Murphy will stay home. :sob: good job seeing it through, nonetheless.

Quality is good! Surprising amount of tippy-taps in back corner. Did you go slick or wets?

Little tap? Do not think intentional. Solid shunt, thankfully son is ok. I did similar to a guy and it wasn’t intentional, just wasn’t expecting him to slow with me right behind. What’s funny is he pointed me by and lifted simultaneously… and off he went as I contacted his rear.

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Think of it this way… how can you possibly finish a turn if you don’t know exactly where the exit is, ahead of time?

Queue that shit up, mentally. All of it.

Your brain can pay attention/keep track of everything and you don’t need to focus on the immediate proximity of your kart, constantly.

Refer back to the near stuff in between wider views. The karts right ahead of you are pretty large in your vision and you don’t need to keep it sighted constantly.

Make sure to try to sight your exit as early as possible so that your unwind is to a specific target as opposed to “welllp this feels like the spot”.

Note that I’m not saying drive to your ultimate target… that’s the idea but the point isn’t that, the point is that if you fix the exit in your mind by giving yourself a visual input, and then move back to the business at hand, you will unwind to that point.

Err not directed at Evan but rather to the fella he was telling to look ahead.

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Poor kid. Thats a brutal flipped tho.

Kart as hat. Fortunately he’s ok.

Thumbnail of the year!!! wow

Outta curiousity… why not shoot 30 or 25 fps for the night stuff? Less frames, easier exposure.

Some video recommendation from my youtube. Uploaded 2years ago. Have zero clue what language is that but did he really went to the track with a half face helmet with a kz kart ? Who let this guy drive like that?

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Yeah I have it setup for 24 going forward. That was my first time recording at night and only did some test runs on a bicycle to compare settings leading up to then :joy:

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This one’s going to be a little rough to watch :woozy_face: Had a very rough time in the rain at NJMP for a solo lap

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Another Night Race weekend for OVKA at G&J Kartway on the old B Configuration. I was close, but needed another tenth to fight for the lead. Qualified 4th and finished 4th in the Pre-Final, and had a great battle in the Final but ended up 5th of 14 KA100 Masters racers.

@Ethan_Bokeno had a torrid weekend. I had rebuilt the carburetors before this race, but for some reason his never wanted to run well and died under load in both practice sessions. He went into qualy with no laps and got turned early in the Pre-Final, and then got wrapped up in another incident coming through the field in the Final.


Had a great weekend racing under the lights at G&J Kartway for the OVKA Race #4. It was my first official race at the track since the repave and change in spec tire, so I spent a lot of time adjusting to this “new” environment. All in all it was awesome being out there and reconnecting with everyone. Best of all is how much better the track feels with new asphalt! If you haven’t been out there yet, I highly recommend that you go!


Welcome to KP!
OVKA represent!

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Finally got around to uploading some race videos. Padholder Super Cup was probably one of the most stacked 206 groups I have raced with, with a lot of regional talents. Top 15 were separated by 5 tenths in qualifying.

Then ran in the last OSKCS race as a “redemption” of sorts. Experimented with setup and gearing changes for this configuration, so I was able to get an advantage in traffic at the cost of some overall performance.


“The cost of some overall performance” is crazy to me haha. What performance, you were flying all day! :wink: It was fun racing with you again! Your exits are amazing! That is what was killing me all day. Granted, I was running very old tires, but I just could not get the exit of T1 or T5 (the two slow right handers) dialed. Don straightened up my chassis and so my handling felt better than it ever has but I still have a way to go to clean up my laps!

I’ll have my videos ready to post sometime this week.


Thanks! It was fun to race with you again. I changed a few things for the heat races to help with passing/defense, but it cost around 2-3 tenths per lap without help. Everyone runs the same ratio ±.05, so there are otherwise no real passing opportunities without a significant pace gap or a huge mistake.

For the exits, its all about how soon you can get back to throttle. I was almost full throttle at the apex of 1, and around 50%-75% throttle at the apex of 5.

Looking forward to seeing your perspective from the weekend!

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Ripping around Orlando in the old shifter on used tires with a few puddles. I think this is the greenest I have ever felt this track, the rain power washed it the night before.

Fun stuff!


Got my videos together of last weekend’s OSKCS LO206 Sr. races!

I had my chassis straightened after last race’s incidents and it was handling better than it has ever before! I also took a stab at resolving my weird engine issues by bolting on a new carb and sure enough, everything ran well all weekend! I stayed out of trouble, qualified where I should have and finished the final where I probably should have! Overall, a fantastic weekend even if I got smoked by @Speedcat all day! (Though he also beat half the World Formula field to be fair haha)

As always, open to hearing any critiques, advice or tips anyone might have. I felt like I was driving pretty well but I definitely see some areas where I need to improve. Primarily the exits of the slow corners. I also think I could have pushed a bit more through the esses but I never got 100% comfortable with where the grip limit was through there. I think I got some good laps through there but especially when I am behind someone, I am lifting too much.


Just posted my 2nd session over @ a Brand new karting track with gas-powered karts, GRX. Was able to go faster than session 1, let me know what you guys think of the video! Always looking for extra tips :racing_car:

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