(Weekly) KartPulse Racer Videos Thread

Not my videos. Just popped in my youtube feed.


Yeah, it is a great track for club racing. We run it in clockwise and counter-clockwise directions and there are two different layouts in each direction (four total). Gearing is generally all pretty close to the same but in this direction, you can usually get away with one tooth less on the rear axle than in the counter-clockwise direction which ends up being slightly uphill.

Video from our May race. Great 100 mph action. It gets really good on the last lap.

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Great action on the short track at G&J Kartway Saturday night:

Unfortunately my own GoPro continues to need some love, and the low-light performance on Ethan’s made his video udner the lights pretty terrible, but this came out great. We walked away with another double podium (2-3) in a healthy dozen-strong KA Masters grid.


Hey everyone! Had an opportunity to try out a brand new karting track in New Jersey called GRX. This is located at raceway park, Englishtown. The track feels super good and same with the karts.


I missed that soft open. Looks great! I enjoyed your and Nik’s coverage

I was on vacation in Orlando this month and took a trip to OKC for some laps.
It was my first time there. During my first heat, I achieved a lap time of 1:09.xxx. For my second heat, I decided to use a mounted GoPro, but unfortunately, the kart I had wasn’t as good as the first one. I ended up with a lap time of 1:10.

Could you please critique my best lap? Thanks.

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How were the Tony rentals? Lap looks pretty nice but am not expert at that track.

Is that software overlay part of their rental deal now?

The kart was okay.
They mailed me a link to the video where the overlay was already processed in it.


Is that your phone in the middle of the steering wheel or some kinda mychron thing?

Some kind of mychron thing… it’s android based i think

Yeah GoPro is not good at low light. I find that if I shoot 30 or 24 fps, iso MIN 200 and MAX 3200 you can get decent results. I also use a little headlamp so at least you can see the driver bit well.

Also, image smoothing darkens stuff too.

@nikspeeds has done a ton of experimenting and might have low light thoughts for you.

Yeah can also play with reduced Shutter speed (which will add motion blur).

Also, if you use HyperView, for whatever reason it makes the image even darker.

This was with ISO Min=800, 60fps, HyperView, and what you see on the screen is only a little bit shy of the actual visibility I had.

It was dark and raining. All things considered I think it did OK. Probably should have slowed Shutter a bit. But the parts that are dark and hard to see were about equally hard to see IRL :sweat_smile:

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It was a great time! Hopefully you can get out there this weekend and test it, they’re doing so again I believe saturday and sunday

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Hi Guys, So I have been offline for a while, did some coaching last year, and now i thought I share a nice little race again. One of the more action packed this year. Hope you enjoy it, I’m curious how you all think about the quality of it:


Welcome back, Bas! :checkered_flag::racing_car:

Got a couple videos up from the last race weekend I raced in for OSKCS! This was one of the hardest and most frustrating weekends I’ve had so far haha. Plauged with engine issues and bad luck, I walked away from the weekend with a bent chassis, engine that has some mysterious issue and a whole lot of lessons learned!

Heat 1
After an engine issue causing a DNF in qualifying, I find myself starting Heat 1 at the back of the pack, I have a pretty good race until the second to last lap where I got tangled up with another driver. I think it was just an unfortunate racing incident (they made a mistake, I stayed on the racing line, they swerved back to the racing line not expecting me to be there). Unfortunately, this crash bent my chassis really bad (among other things) and the rest of the day would be plagued with handling issues. It actually turned okay to the left (thankfully) but turning right took all my strength lmao.

Heat 2
Despite a bent chassis, I actually have a pretty solid race. My pace was hurt so I couldnt really keep up with the guys I normally am close to but I made up some places after a bad start.

Well this is a short one because I was crashed into on turn three of the first lap… I got (another) bad start and unfortunately was passed by kart 888 (red suit, white helmet) who was causing first lap incidents nearly every session that day. I had seem him do it multiple times at this point and when I saw him pass me and then high off the racing line through turn two, I knew what was going to happen… Every first lap, he would be passed through turn two on the inside pushing him high outside off the racing line. Turn three is tight and fast. The angle of the corner is such that if you are not on the very outside of the track (left hand side) when you turn in, you are not going to make the corner if you don’t slow way, way down. Sure enough, this exact thing happened and instead of recognizing he was way off the line and conceding the corner by braking into turn three so he could make it, he just divebombs the apex at full speed, blows through the corner and slams into an unsuspecting kart driving on the actual racing line (58). I saw this happening in front of me so, I lifted early going into turn three to make sure I could stay to the inside of the corner exit (right side of track) to avoid the chaos on the outside exit that I knew was about to happen. It worked perfectly and I avoided kart 888 and the kart he crashed into and pushed off the track (58). Kart 868 (blue suit, gray helmet) got blocked on the outside by 888 and 58’s contact and I came alongside him on the exit to his right. I thought I was in the free and clear at that point but then a split second later, I feel my rear get hit. Then before I could realize what was happening I felt my shoulder get hit by something then 868 is up on top of my left side!!

What happened was 58 got pushed off the track when he was ran into by 888. Then in talking with 868, it sounds like 58 rejoined the track abruptly and ran into 868. That cause 868 to hit my rear left wheel which popped him up on top of my left side. 868 rode on top of me as we went off track into the grass and that finally shook him off. Somehow, I managed to keep it going straight and managed to drive through the grass back to the track. However, my engine now had a problem and wasn’t running properly. I had to come off the track and DNF. Thankfully, everyone was okay. My left arm was a bit banged up but nothing major! 868 got stuck in the grass and DNFd too.

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Just a normal practice day on the weekend. My driver is carbon otk kart small guy. Behind him is tall dude. Thankfully my driver is okay, just a bit dizzy post banged to the wall thanks to the tall guy.


A couple of videos from our last race. Mixed classes, 2.75 mile long track. Average race speed was over 93 mph. This one is a little boring to watch - he just ran away with it.


A video from our Sunday race. Had somebody to race with this day.

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