(Weekly) KartPulse Racer Videos Thread

Why did you try to go outside againt the 953 at 8:00? I see that you had more momentum, but did you really think you could make that pass? With hindsight, do you wish you would’ve tucked in and pushed his bumper? And why didn’t the 904 give you a bit more room there? Seemed to me like he didn’t need to tap your sidepod, but maybe he understeered into you.

Because he was stuck the inside white line, there was no other way to go at that moment. 953 had been blocking like that for several laps and everyone was getting impatient I got a little over-ambitious. I was getting pushed into him a lot and didn’t want to get a bumper penalty so I was eager to get by quickly. No one had found a way past him yet, so my thought was the only way to go around would be an outside move and I picked that corner because it was the grippiest so I thought I had a good shot to ride the outside there and stay even with him at apex, then finish the pass into the next right-hander. Definitely a hero-or-zero move and it didn’t really work out, but I knew it was a low percentage move. I should’ve waited another lap and I probably could’ve gone in turn 2 or crossed him over in 1 because it looked like those were spots he was weaker.

Really difficult to take your time and set up the pass when there are 4 more karts behind you all stacked up.

Because this is the level of aggression there is at this level of racing. If he doesn’t get rid of me, he’s on the outside for the next corner and HE’S the one going to lose 6 spots. I would’ve done the same thing.

OVKA Memorial Championship Race

I qualified 2nd of 16 and fought hard in the opening lap of the Pre-Final, probably overheating my tires on low pressure too much and causing some wicked oversteer which cost me several spots to eventually finish 4th.

Ethan qualified 6th and did some slick maneuvering to get by me and to 2nd by the end of the Pre-Final.

For the final Ethan had trouble getting started on the grid, but eventually got going, but had carburetor setting issues on the opening laps. I helped him along and then got by into the lead, eventually dueling with another driver facing brake issues toward the end to bring home the win on track.

Ethan would shadow me closely for most of the race, eventually coming home 3rd on track.

In the end, I would end up taking a DQ in post-race tech for piston squish on a motor that I had refreshed the top-end on a couple months ago, but never checked for clearance since I was using the stock IAME seal… remember to check that if you’re doing your own work, and to clean that carbon off from time to time.


Some clips of yesterday’s outing at Helsingborg Karting Track in Sweden.

Very bumpy and technical track with both slow speed and high speed corners.

And of course with the old girl, lovely feeling letting it breathe down the straights :raised_hands:t2:


No choke :smiley:

Live Dangerously Austin Powers GIF

I love how they handle. Keep saying I’ll get mine out. We’ll see. Not sure how well they do at 360lbs/160KG

Damn, lesson learned I guess. But a tough way to learn it. Worth checking your port timing occasionally in case there’s something to be found there too.

I basically never choke, I run them pretty rich. They do rev freely tho😍

But for sure, risky business :joy::woman_shrugging:t3:

160kgs isn’t an issue, plenty of our guys are at that weight. Lucky me that I’m small, 140kgs with the kart

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@tjkoyen thank you for helping me understand racecraft a little more!

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