Weight distribution

I got a question I just got my kart in today. I took it out of the box but I noticed there is no place to add weight. Do you mount the weight to the seat or close to the tires. If both then does that mean I got to weld a rod on the kart, or drill holes in the seat. How is this done. I know I have seen a lot guys drill wholes in the seat. I’m not wanting to weld on the chassis the heat can cause it to bend.

Almost all your weight will go on the seat. Depending on what class you’re running, placement may vary, but most weight ends up on the back and sides of the seat. You can also mount on the front fork where the steering shaft slots in. Some guys will clamp weight onto the frame rails, but I would advise against that for most cases.

A kart works with a combination of mechanical weight jacking and frame flex. So you want to mount the weight where it will be effective in helping the kart flex properly.

For sprint karts, the general ranges on distribution % is around 40-44% front weight, and 50/50 side-to-side.

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Oh ok I see now. That’s good because I was not sure. I got to weight around 365 for the lo206 right. That’s kart and driver with gas if I’m not mistaken.

Here is an example of my sons kart. We were running out of real estate to hang the image weight. I hope he gained weight over the winter.

Make sure you have sufficiently strong bolts and large washers on them as well. Your club may even have rules regarding the attachment of lead.

I see you put weight all over the seat. Is there a reason for that. Like to try to balance out the kart. Or you just had no where else to hang the weight. Because TJ said you got to have 50/50 side to side, and 40/44 front to back. Also is the 44% for the front or the back.

Each class has a minimum weight so you may have to add weight to meet that. Generally you’ll add weight to the left side of the seat to offset the weight of the engine. Generally people don’t weld brackets on or add anything to the chassis since it may bind the chassis up and not cause it not to flex and ruin the handling.

40-44% on the front. 42-43 is a good starting point.

Lead is surprisingly pricey. Is there a less toxic alternative?

Here is something I have been keeping for a long time that might point you in the right direction.


Osmium! Sadly it’s over 400 bucks a pound!

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Bismuth is the closest thing you’ll get to lead at a cheap price.

Thanks. That is good to know.

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This is all I use when I reload my ammo be it shotgun, or handgun, and rifle bullets.