Weight of chassis compkart vs otk

What is the diffrence in weight of a 4r compkart vs otk 4 stroke chassis???

What is your goal for the weight?

Are you trying to come in lighter to make a certain class weight? The frame differential will be minimal but the CompKart will be a little lighter since it’s a mix of 28mm/30mm. The OTK is on 30mm. If you are looking at trimming weight, I’d look at a full 28mm frame that has support near you. DR Tork, VLR, Praga Dark, etc…

Or… go to a heavier class and bolt on some weight

While this would be lighter, it will definitely not help handling when you have a heavy person on a 28mm frame.

As to the original question. 2019 Compkart 4R vs 2020 OTK STV450 both fully dressed: Compkart is about 5 lbs lighter on our scales.

I completely agree that heavier classes should not be on the 28mm. If he’s 7-8 lbs over in 206 Light, he should be fine and I understand why he’s looking for a lighter chassis. If he’s coming at 15lbs over, go to med or heavy and there will be better durability.

Ok I’m heavy but I’m planning on dropping weight to 140. This is my first kart I’m buying I’m stick between the compkart n tony kart. So was just seeing which one weighed less. I’m either getting ka100 or lo206

Where are you located?

I’m out in Texas next couple months working at tesla factory but I live in phoniex arizona

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