Welcome Briggs As a Supporter of The KartPulse Forums!

Please Welcome Briggs Racing As a Supporter of KartPulse Forums!

In 2018, we’re working hard to make KartPulse the premier online community and media website for karting in the US. It’s a lofty goal that we could not even hope to work towards without the support of our great community and the karting industry.

With that in mind, I am excited to welcome @BriggsRacing as a supporter of our goals. Briggs have stepped up and committed to sponsoring the #engine-four-stroke category on the KartPulse forums!

I know a lot of us, including myself have a Briggs bolted on and I’d love to hear your stories. If you’re not much of a writer… just post a pic of your Briggs powered kart.

If you’re not familiar with Briggs and Stratton racing, here’s their story:


Briggs Racing (A division of Briggs and Stratton) have been involved with karting for decades. Nowadays they are most well known for their Briggs 206 and Briggs World Formula motor packages.

Looking for discussions on the forums about the Briggs 206? Click this hashtag: #briggs206

Briggs Weekly Racing Series


Briggs Racing also operate the Briggs Weekly Racing Series for kart racers in the US and Canada. The program offers thousands of dollars in support for clubs, tracks and racers and you can find out more, here:

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Seems only fair that I go first with a pic since I’m asking people to do same! Here’s my 9 y/o daughter in my 206 during our first “proper”, racing kart track day (Stockholm Karting Center, MN) last week:

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This from the 2018 Animal Nationals at Grattan Raceway Park July 14th-15th 2018. We had an absolute blast with the karts. All of them running nose to tail at 90 mile per hour. Thanks to @BriggsRacing for support the weekends action both on and off the track. Congratulations to @Patrick_Olsen this years Senior Champion!


And here are the drivers.

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Great to hear! Here’s my wife in my LO206 kart. My kart has been busy this season getting newbies to accept karting into their lives :wink:


Amie killed it today in OVKA's Powderpuff race! . . . @startingkarting @kartingmoments #kart #karting #endurokarting #keepkartingfun #birelart #briggsandstratton #lo206 #kartingislife #kartracing #racing #race #kartpit #kartingmoments #kartlove #kartlife #goracing #gokarting #kartingemotionandpassion #motorsport #luftgekühlt #4stroke #girlscanracetoo #girlracer #speed #bridgestonetires #ovka #gandjkartway

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