Welp! We need a good name for this Forum Category

Naming this category has me stumped… wondering if you guys have ideas on what we could call it.
I think I got the category explanation down

Stories and builds of karts that are extreme, unusual and wild.
Vintage, laydown, superkarts, UAS, outlaws… this is your home to show off the craft, skill and dedication that sometimes goes unnoticed these days.

So the ideas is that this is a home for cool karts\projects. But I don’t think just calling it “cool karts” makes it clear that people should post that kind of stuff.

What say you?

Outsider Kart Gallery?

The fast and the wierd?

Vintage and Restomod?

Kool Kartz?


I love seeing the restored stuff. It seems they doing us a favor posting that stuff, however. Not sure what they get out of it. Lotta sweat and tears in those builds.

:thinking: maybe I just need to stop thinking of it as “just” projects and builds for now.

But rather a general category for these kinds of “freakin sick” karts.

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I can’t drive - 105?

The Fast and the Funnest…

OK, maybe not

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“If it makes you go 'Ooo” or ‘Poo’ it’s here."


I don’t think it’s that good of an idea, except it has a logical connection to the catch-all category some clubs have, “Run What You Brung” (RWYB):

“Display What You Made” , (or “Display what They Made”).


The bad and the beautiful…