Wet Tire Choices

What wet tires have you used and how did you like them?

I bagged a set of Vega wets from the communal tire container at the local track, good amount of tread and the price is right but have to wonder why they are there :laughing:

Would have imagined they would be decent for intermediate or drying conditions but anyho…

I bought a set of used Vegas that looked in similar shape. Ended up winning my race on them. People on MG Wets were struggling compared to those running the Vegas in moderate rain.

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Are those W6 or W5 vegas? We run vega as the mandated tire up here in Ontario for briggs, they seem to work well, the W5 is the older tire, which could explain why they were tossed, if they happen to be W5s, the W6 seems to have a bit better life than the W5, and just outperforms them in general.

Without going to my trailer and looking at a set of each, I’m pretty sure those are W5, which are no longer race legal up here, after the rules updated to W6, which is how i got a nearly new set of W5 for free :slight_smile: . That could explain why they were tossed out.

The Vega W6 is by far the best wet tire on the market. Hoosier is by far the worst. MG second worst.

Yeah Vegas are the best wet tire of you have a choice.

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Checked just now and these are W5. Not gonna complain for the price. Can’t be any worse than the slicks I ended up on at the rock last time around.

Clearly haven’t driven the lecont. Its awful.

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Mojo sucks too
(20 char)

I’d like to keep it constructive… what’s lacking from the other wets. There’s always pros and cons.

Grip? If so in what kind of conditions (ie how wet)
Do the less grippier tires last longer?

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I only have experience with MG whites, whatever the Vega rain is for CKNA and the Mojo W5

Our club rain is Mojo and I got a chance to run the Vega rain during CKNA. The Vega just seemed to have considerably more overall grip on the same wet setup and track conditions. As well as lasting longer in all conditions compared to the Mojo W5.

Just my experience! Not the best rain driver either!

(Mojo front rains I can usually only manage a few session on before they look terrible, Did an entire race with one hand driving and the Vegas look brand new. (Similar conditions as well)

Also we’ve had drivers in our club on rainy races use Vegas against our Mojos and they were at least 1 second faster per lap.

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In any “true wet” conditions, the Vega will have much more overall grip. I can’t speak to how long any rain tire lasts as that depends too much on track conditions and how they are run.

How were you able to determine what version they were? Serial numbers?

Vega threw us a lifeline. :grinning: