Wet vs dry driving style

Yeah it seemed to me his braking looked ok, didn’t seem too soft (you can see the kick a bit in slomo). He seems to be back to throttle ok. Exit seemed ok.

Can’t see inside wheel lift due to camera angle. Kart might be a bit flat but he doesn’t seem to be bogging.

1.5 is a big delta, so in competition, you’d definitely see them pull on you and where they get the time.

Without footage it could be a variety of things. Perhaps you have a fundamentally messed up corner or two where you lose time but 1.5 would be huge mistakes that would stand out. Perhaps there’s a chassis issue. I had a kart that felt way off (cracked frame) and was slow. But I couldn’t get the front end to work and it seems here that your driving looks ok and kart seems behaved.


The cheating bit doesn’t explain the wet vs dry tho.

If you have tried carrying a bit more entry phase speed, what happens? How does that influence your line, how the kart rotates, and how early/aggressively you can accelerate.

In the video, your kart looks like it exhibits pretty quick (or ‘snappy’) rotation at apex… especially in the really tight turns. Maybe that’s what’s required to get around that track quickly, but I’m wondering if that could subconsciously causing you to limit your entry phase speed so you don’t end up at the apex with too much energy, which might cause the kart to aggressively over rotate.

Anyway, it’s just a thought; maybe on some test day, you could tweak the chassis so it rotates a little less aggressively, and then SEND IT on entry to see what happens & how it feels. :grin:

A power advantage is much less useful in the wet. :wink:

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Yeah they cant utilize the power the same way as in the dry, idk you probably know it better than me😂

That makes sense, didn’t think it through. :sob:

If i carry too much speed i usually get a oversteer unless its over the crest or something abnormal
I have alway been driving with ackermann at its lowest position on the column does that have a role to play?

Elias, any chance you can buy/borrow a Gopro or other cam so we can have onboard perspective from a race?

I can try to borrow one the 21st jan and upload it

I dont think theres a fundamental problem with the driving thats why I’m so desperate i dont understand where the 1.5s is for example
When on the sim with this years danish champion and absolute fastest driver its a 0.1s diff
But on track its doomed

Well from that FB onboard and your video, we can see that you are later on the throttle than the dude on facebook. If it is an issue you have on every turn, it would be easy to figure out why you lose that 1.5 sec.

EDIT : To be fair I had somewhat the same issue. Very off pace on the dry while being on top of the field on the wet.
I had two issues :

  • Lack of confidence due to the lack of training
  • Poor chassis setup, or at least a chassis that didn’t suit me on the dry
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Well, it seems like you’re doing OK in two out of three situations (wet & sim vs dry), and based on what you said about how the kart feels (and how it looks)… and also based on @tankyx’s experience/advice, I would start by dialing some oversteer/rotation out of your chassis and see if that allows you to build confidence in the entry and rotation phase so you can carry more speed in, and get on the gas sooner.

I’m more of a ‘driving specialist’ than a chassis guy, so the thread below might be helpful. If you have other setup questions that are not covered there, I’m sure someone will jump in and help out.

Good luck!

Cool!!! Get us some footage to look from that race. I am curious.

But yah, check those welds. Sometimes a crack in weld is v small and hard to see.

I sympathize. If the kart isn’t working for you it can make you doubt yourself and abilities and is really not fun at all. Maybe it’s your driving but maybe it’s not. I suspect you feel in your bones it’s not your driving and that is a head spinner. I have been there.

I went racing the 21st aaaaand
Without cam… but there was no need…
It was wet, and i won, even over an x30 jr. That drove the IWF and thats pretty impressive the track considered, and i were 1.5s a lap quicker than the other rotax jr and i could even match the x30s speed most of the straight until i hit 14/14.5k rpm were x30 just keeps pulling so i suspect it was just then engine that had 0 bottom end, but we’ll see when it dries up

Interesting. Try to get dry footage from your perspective in kart.