What am I missing here? (Front Torsion Bar)

Put the torsion bar in and it looks like it’s a centimeter too long for the housing. Am I missing something here? Or is it possibly defective?

Just cut it down to fit. I would cut it 8-10mm shorter than the opening, which will allow for a few mm of space on each side.

You’re only missing a hacksaw.

BTW you want about a bazillion torsion bar options, steels of various wall thickness, flattened steel bars, aluminum tubes, a magnesium round, different plastic pipes and solids, some woods…

Just saw it off a bit as others have said. No harm in that.

And I would disagree with Charles and say you definitely don’t need a bazillion torsion bars… Especially since you have a ‘blade’ bar there that can be infinitely adjustable by changing the angle.

OTK’s flat bar has served me just fine and provided ample options for front stiffness for several years.

I figured it needed to be cut. Just didn’t know if that was normal. Going to slice it and race it Saturday. Thanks TJ

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I figured it just needed to be cut. Always the chance I may not be looking at something correctly. Going to cut it and race it Saturday


assuming that’s a Kart Republic, can you explain what you’re trying to accomplish there? Our local club is a big KR dealer and runs them at the national level and I’ve never seen any of them use a front bar.


Is that a KR factory part? While yes you can cut it down, I’d be a bit bummed I have to go grab/buy a hacksaw to fit a part.

I would agree with other, to cut off excess. HOWEVER, make sure your tubes are the same diameter. Since it would appear that perhaps this isn’t made specifically for your chassis,just make sure they are the same diameter so that clamp clamp it tight.

This guy gets it! Yeah, I am a tad bummed that I would have to hack in to a $70 part that should fit to begin with

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Note: A rotary pipe cutter will do a much neater job than a hacksaw.

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The factory KR bar fits the KZ chassis without cutting but the OK /Tag chassis needs it trimmed down.

In Australia the KR importer is using the bar in as the standard setup up

Seems like a big oversight. We are talking about trimming the tubes a centimeter or two on each side to have it compatible.

Only in dire situations is the bar being used in the KA/X30 classes here in the US for the KR2 chassis. Adding the bar drastically changes the balance of the chassis. Personally I don’t like the feel of it, and never went faster with the bar in.

I just want to test it out. If it doesn’t feel good I won’t use it

I am not a big fan of the bar personally but given everyone else in the team was running one i used it 95% of the time so the setups could be compared.

Felt like it stiffened the front of the kart to much and didn’t transfer the weight to the front tyre as nicely.