What are some cool things your local track is doing?

So I have a love hate relationship with one of my local tracks. It’s the best track and layout, but they do literally nothing to promote it and tend to rest on their Morales so to speak. Meanwhile, I have another local track (under newer/ younger management) who have been doing some really cool stuff to drive up business.

Examples Include:

  • Professional Photography from time to time
  • Sack lunches are sometimes provided
  • Raffle/ Door Prices at the drivers meeting (chains, lube, sprockets, little stuff like that)
  • Adding on a additional race at the end of the race day, excluding the front 5 and the back 5. So everyone in the middle gets their own bonus race just for extra seat time.
  • Drivers Profiles/ Spotlight on their FB page.

These are just a few examples of how they are trying to provide additonal value and thank their customers/ kart owners. I wish all tracks did stuff like that just to break things up.

That particular local also has some funny characters who have their own YT channels and post funny race related content. (Usually poking fun at their friends racing or themselves).

Any other tracks out there doing cool stuff?

Makes race day pretty fun between what the track is doing, and the characters who are out there. :rofl:


I like doing ‘iron man practice’ - 60 minute session. Can hardly move my arms after but man I do enjoy it.

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Fremont Raceway Park in Ohio started out the season (in March - northern Ohio) with a 500 lap (!) race (125 miles) on an old school quarter mile road course. My understanding is that it was well subscribed. I couldn’t go - my wife had just had ACL/MCL repair surgery. She’d have beat me with her crutches while I slept if I had. :laughing:

I race at 103rd Street Sports Complex with North Florida Kart Club. Our club has been doing some great things like giveaways at drivers meeting, money races. Our club president has been advertising our club race schedules on all social medias which has helped our kart count. Our club has made leaps and bounds this year with kart count and updates to the facilities.

I’m really glad to see that NFKC is improving, first track I ever went to. Hadn’t been in about 3 years just went back about 3 months ago to practice in my shifter. I’m glad that the community there is growing. It’s also nice not have to drive to OKC all the time.

We have a new media man at Stockholm karting center, we are doing FB driver spotlight, photography at race day and also FB driver standings at etc. We have a huge give away at annual bouquet. This year champion from each class also get a short video clip. Also end of every race season we have a “fun day” doing tag team race and oval racing.


Let’s not forget that month before that they hosted the Snowball 250

Things I liked:
Beautiful track, long, fast, technical, grippy, well maintained
Open every day
Long practice sessions (2 + hours)
Endurance races for all classes
40 minute drive

Things I don’t like:
It being sold and demolished

North Florida Karting Club at Jacksonville is the track I was referring to, I just didn’t drop their name. I think they are doing good stuff out there since taking over the club. :+1:

Other than well organized, lots of competitor and great racing, I get my monthly donut fix with Tri-C Karters.

… and they started a +55 Tag100 class!!!


Do you have to eat them with the novelty teeth?

True. Winters are long here… :laughing:

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I think this qualifies

Kart Drome Dubai has modified a handful of karts with accelerator and brakes on steering wheel paddles, opening karting to wheelchair bound customers.

I think that’s really cool :+1:t3:


Well it’s not new but NJMP gives the race winners gift cards that are redeemable at the Finish line pub which makes for a nice after race feast.