What are the best brand of brake pads to use

We are needing to replace our brake pads. Is there a brand that is best to use and where do you buy them?
Thank you

Usually it depends on the chassis. I know Birels usually use freeline parts where Margay sticks with MCP. Usually you’re just replacing factory parts but sometimes you can find different pad compounds that can provide a more aggressive bite on the rotor.

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In interested in this as well. I have an Arrow kart and they produce their own brand of pads which are well regarded. I have seen EBC pads in soft and hard compound which I’ve never used but am curious about since their car pads were recommended to me.

The best pads are the ones which suit your purpose best. It’s a super-subjective topic as different drivers will prefer different pedal feel, different initial bite, some will need pads suitable for higher temperatures, rotor type comes into play, etc. etc.

What chassis/brake system do you have.

The pad brands and compound choices available will depend on the brake system you have.

Thanks for the replies.
He has a TopKart Twister. I see what TopKart offers on their site just didn’t know if that was best or if there is another brand that was better.

IIRC, the new top karts just use Ven09 system which is a common brake system across multiple kart manufacturers.

is IIRC the brand name? I’ve never heard of them.
Is what is on the Topkart site good enough? https://shop.topkartusa.net/collections/brakes-components/products/brake-pad-adult
Or is what comet kart sales ok https://cometkartsales.com/5301-Top-Kart-Rear-Brake-Pads.html

IIRC = If I Remember Correctly.

Ven09 is the model of brake system.

The brakes from TK USA are fine.


For after market brake pads, (non OEM) IKP pads are great. They usually come in two compounds for most karts and some karts they make ceramic ones too.

For Tonykart and crg the FRIXA line of pads is solid too.

Are there any aftermarket brake pads for Birel next to Freeline?
A list of different brake pad options per make would be great to have.