What are the up and coming race series near you?

I was having a conversation today with another 206 racer and we were discussing the raise of North Florida Kart Club (NFKC) under the new management of the Kenner family.

Its a fantastic series, run extremely well, and their kart counts (for their locals) are beginning to rival bigger series like CKNA South (also another fantastic series). The last race I entered had in the neighborhood of 100 kart entries. :astonished:

Anyone else have an up and comming series where their at?

Is the series tied to a specific track, or a regional sort of series that utilize several tracks?

I’d really like to see Rotax take off. Thing is almost zero maintenance. Feel like I have less up keep and maintenance than my KA100. Show up, get the jetting right, and let it rip. I have a stock motor and maybe I got lucky, but it’s just as fast if not faster than others with “built” engines. Sitting around 12-13hrs on the top end and it’s just not slowing down. Just wrapped up the West regional races. Now I gotta find something to race until the finals in Oct in Indianapolis.