What are these holes in a Carb for on a LO206?

(Mike Clark) #1

What are these holes and what are the functions they perform:

It is the small hole below the central main/needle hole

The hole @ 4 o’clock in the flange

Same hole @ 6 o’clock, with the o-ring in place

(Timothy Strawkas) #2

mostly air bleed/emulsion holes. just make sure clean and good all around. sticking lights on other end routinely gives you an idea if something is wrong or building up in them.

(Timothy Strawkas) #3

and an idle circuit sorry

(James McMahon) #4

I’d love to know the specifics on each one too. I searched around for a good diagram, but nothing really gave details on what exactly each of the holes you are asking for do.

Also, if you need to add a photo to a post, you can just copy and paste the image right into the post. It’ll be copied over automatically.

(Mike Clark) #6

Thanks for the replies.