What are these Karts?

I have just picked up a pair of karts from a friend who got them on trade with a truck a few years back. They have been collecting heavy dust and dirt so will require cleaning - but I’m hoping this community might be able to help me learn what I’ve got and what I should look at replacing prior to trying to fire them up and turn a wheel. I live in Calgary Alberta, Canada - am 32 years old. I’m an 8 out of 10 mechanically with tools to work on these. Just getting in to Karting after growing up driving RC and having always loved my Sim Racing and street driving. Any help you can provide is Great!

There are two carts in the pictures attached - one Italkart with a mystery Rotax Max and a PCR MOD MXK8 with a FR 125 MAX… that’s all I can piece together.

Both Rotax Max engines, the ItalKart has a Junior engine on it (no powervalve on the back of the engine) and the PCR is a Senior engine.

Other than being a little dirty, both karts are pretty decent pieces. I don’t know the specifics on the different PCR and ItalKart frames, but both are good, well-known brands and both seem to be pretty modern karts.

Make sure the brakes work, get some fuel tanks for them, charge the batteries, clean and lube all the bearings, and see if those puppies will run.


Thanks so much for taking a look. Good to know the Italkart is a Jr motor, can you upgrade it by adding the power valve or do I need a different motor entirely?

I’ll have to look into cleaning and packing bearings! They came with tanks but are really dirty, are they cleanable or is it better to just replace them? I’m thinking a new spark plug and fuel filter would be good places to start.

Replacing the tanks is ideal because the plastic tends to get brittle when the kart has been laying up. It’s a judgement call really.

You might also want to clean out the fuel pump and at least remove the float bowl on the carb to see what kind of condition the float chamber is in.

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Thanks so much. I’ll take a look online to see if I can find these models of tank, Unless they are generic and a universal tank is an option. Yes, I’ll remove and inspect the floats and float chamber tomorrow’s, great idea.

Any idea of age on these karts? The seats are all VERY narrow at the hips for me, I’m not that wide… I wear a 30” pant, must have been kids mostly driving them prior. Any adjustments that might be made to other areas to improve fit? Ie. Pedal adjustments…

On the bright side, in the kart was a BRAND NEW set of mojo slicks in addition to the fairly new tires that are in the PCR kart.

This is so good to have the help of the Kart community, thanks guys for your support!

Troy, those look like normal size karts. The seats are probably for kids if you find them narrow. A kart seat is supposed to slightly wrap you into the seat, but it’s not supposed to have pressure points or pinching. Maybe time for a new seat.

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Makes sense, I’ll see where I can order one. There is one extra seat that fits better but I’ll need two for my friend and I to both be able to run.

Ok. There’s sizing charts online. I do t know what kind of seat is standard equip on those but should be easy to find out. Also, bear in mind there are different types.
The standard kart seat is unpadded fiberglass, this is what most racers use. However, they do also make padded seats etc.

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