What are you using as a portable starter?

So I was having issues this weekend with my boys VLR and had to use the tracks portable starter. Migh be worth it to have my own. I was looking to see whats availble, the one i was using had a small batterty and was pretty light. Online I see most have a bigger battery. What do you guys use?


Coleman Mini has been the standard standalone starter for years.

Looking online I don’t see a smaller battery option. BBT has a starter with a smaller battery…

I haven’t used one in several years but most had a smaller battery similar to what is used on a x30 or KA. The larger tractor-type battery will have a lot more cranking ability but it also weighs more.

What size battery are you looking for?
This is what I have:

Uses a small lawnmower battery.

I was looking at these ones, but there pricy @ $490


Jegs also sell them, but with a standard battery at a decent price https://www.jegs.com/i/JEGS/555/10050/10002/-1

They can be pricey but they do last for literal decades too.

Depending on where you race, if your track had a yamaha class or still does, there are used ones to be had. I don’t think people actively try to sell them as the demand is low and shipping is impractical because of the size and weight. Ask around and you may find one cheap.

I ended up ordering one from JEGS, can’t beat the $20 off coupon and free shipping.

My lawnmower battery was 70 bucks