What are you working on for Karting?

It occurred to me today that a decent number of folks on the forums here are working on different things for karting… Organizing events, charities, series, websites, helping out with clubs and even developing software.
Not so much their own racing, but for the sport in some way. Which is awesome because that’s kinda rugfht

We’d love to know…what are you working on?

Like I mentioned in the 2017 plans, I organize a rental kart championship in the Netherlands. Next to that I give kart clinics, mostly to inexperienced (young) drivers.

I think about writing a blog/book/handbook for rental kart drivers, since I feel that many articles or books about karting aren’t spot on for rental karting (where it’s solely about driving technique and mental state rather than setup and technical aspects). Terence Dove’s book and articles about the mental aspects of karting inspired me.

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You might be on to something there. Rental karting is huge, so the right book and/or content, positioned appropriately would do well I would imaging. For blog/articles, I know at least one karting website that would likely publish articles for you :smiley:

Hurry up though, you don’t want @Terence_Dove to beat you to the punch :wink:

I doubt @Terence_Dove is losing any sleep over it :smile:. Besides, rental karting is probably not his cup of tea. However, I did mention my plans to him. I thought it would only be fair, since his book and his articles inspired me, so it’s inevitable that some of his advice will end up in my experiences.

James, in what way are you interested in publishing articles from others?

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I’m so slow at doing stuff that there isn’t much danger of that lol. @Matthijs_Hofman graciously let me know of his plans which I think are very cool, maybe at some point in the future we could come up with a joint venture… who knows!

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Essentially, we’d like to grow this for the sport:

Right now even though there’s some great content on there. it looks pretty duff. We’re working on addressing that which will include a move to wordpress.

Our goal is to make KartPulse a content hub for karting. A collaborative space where we contribute what we can, when we can, as we can. By doing this I think we can make a better site, as well as a more sustainable project.

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I have the blog and have done occasional race reports for some of the series we run. I would like to do more of all of that or at least do a better job of that.

I used to do 206 evangelization a few years ago but now that the 206 cup exists that is not really an issue. I come here, visit car show, and some racing forums to remind folks of the various forms of racing.