What are your goals for 2021?

Since the start of the season for most is upon is, I figured I’d ask all of you guys what your goals are for the 2021 season. I’ll be starting Tag Senior with a new kart and tent, so I’m excited to see how that goes. I’ve been waiting about 3 years for this opportunity and I’ve finally been able to achieve it, so this season I’ll be focusing on skill and making the most of the opportunities I’m given. I’m curious to hear what other people are thinking about this season though


My goal is to do the margay spec series at ovrp. Try to see how well I can do there. Also sim. Iracing seems to have competition opportunities. See what’s up with that.

Secondary is to load up on rental races: doing the 6 hours of the NE again and am gonna do a second 6 hr with same team.

Tertiary is to do rental race events with the folks from tristate group.

leave the house… if they let us.


Brexit at home no fun?

brexit is no problem at all… just the house arrest is a bit tiring.

I hope I can sneak away to do at least one race, even if it is just a club race. I think I’ve got a gig that I’ll be able to pound out some practice day laps, but I really crave the competition.

Other than that, I will be running some semblance of a “tent program” at the Route 66 Sprint Series this year, with Korsasport acting as a satellite team for Franklin Motorsports. I’ll have a few padawans under my tuition on a regular basis and it will be nice to take another little step up and see if we can get the Korsasport name on a few regional trophies. Oh, and have fun.


Really hope to be competitive this year. Spent my first season in the back (not by choice lol) learning…learning…watching. I have spent the offseason getting into better physical shape and conditioning. Planning for a lot of early practice sessions once the weather breaks. Really hope to not just be a place holder this year in the back!

Goal for 2021: get on track
Additional Goal for 2021: Finish the race

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I want to learn a lot. Last year I was limited to 4 races, and the last two were my best ever by far. it was a bummer to stop my recent found success early. I want to learn how to work on a kart so I can hopefully continue it into college, I want to land a job with my team so I can create connections and start a career in motorsports, I want to go to at least one regional race, I want to get better overall. I got 6th out of around 15 people who went to all the races, and due to the top 2 competitors in my class changing classes im aiming at top 3. It’ll be my third year karting and I feel like im on the verge of making some breakthroughs. something clicked last year and I performed better than I ever had, and I hope to continue and grow that. My biggest hope is to get a job with my team, whether it be just a helping hand, shop help, or anything, I dont care. I realized Im not going to be an F1 driver a while ago, but I can be an F1 engineer. hopefully karting can help with this.


Additional goal for 2021 pt2: dont break anything
Additional goal for 2021 pt3: dont get Covid

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Our youngest, Randy, is in his last summer before college so racing is limited since he’s saving some coin for that but after dabbling in Karting last year, my oldest grandson, Evan, is stepping behind the wheel for a full time ride this year. Randy is going to do some coaching/tuning with Evan and some other youngsters.

I get to take a step back from full time tuner and enjoy watching my Family race and tune. How cool is that!

There is a spare chassis is the garage and I think I’m hitting some masters club races with some of this extra time too. Maybe I can get the kid to wrench for me :star_struck:

Edit: never answered the goal question. Answer 100% have some fun and smile


Before June: figure out a good baseline setup for my CRG and X30 while I play for the Mechanix
After June: find at least one significant unfair advantage and win >50% of the races I drive in.


Seat Time, Seat Time, Seat Time! Last year with the Covid outbreak causing our track shutting down for more than half the year and my work schedule, I only managed about 4 track days. This year, I have my daughter in a kart for the first time. She is still very timid behind the wheel and needs some seat time to get more acclimated before I can throw her into a race. I just need seat time period. The kart started feeling more predictable with the stiffer axle, but I didn’t have much time behind the wheel to take full advantage. I plan on doing so this year.

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2019 was my son’s first season racing, he was all over the place, did a lot of lawn mowing, 2020 was supposed to be a full season, but covid threw a big curveball there. He only got into 4 races last season, but every single race day ended with a new personal best, so my goal for this season is for him to make it to a full season of races, and hopefully see the satisfaction of standing on a podium for the first time.


In my second season of KA my goal is to be more consistent and hopefully finish ahead of the 2 youngsters (25 and 17) that I race against which never happened last year.

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Seat time, mostly. Sim, kart, and a bit of autox.

My goal for the sim is to continue closing the gap between myself and the fastest guys who show up at the studio. I’d like to race the league races at a decent level of competence. I need to improve my consistency with brake points and turn in and I need to work on quieting my hands a bit in most turns. The telemetry overlay does show more me giving more steering input than the guys driving faster than me.

My karts goal is to drive a 1:03.x In the rentals at GoPro. I’ve driven a 1:06.1 so far so I need to find about 5% (edited to correct my percentage).

I’m also planning to go to AMP’s kart school and get my first taste of lo206 and ka100. I’d also like to race one of their enduros. I’m planning to drive a few more hours of AMP in the sim before I go there so I know the track pretty well once I get on IRL.

If I can get moved by the end of the year I’m planning to buy a kart and then I’ll figure out next steps.


Well I already achieved a goal I didn’t think was attainable in my short time in karting. Got a championship for our winter 20/21 series.

Next goal is to be in the hunt in the club series championship with my 100cc

And last goal is to be in top 40% of points in the regional series. With a stretch goal of top 25%.


get a few champinships at diffrent tracks

To participate in the Iame International Finals :racing_car: