What are your thoughts on jr lo206 driver in a 401 tony kart

Have currently been racing a 2016 - 2018 exprit kart .and have it for sale just wondering if a 401 would be bad for him weighing 140 and 5’11.

I have the Redspeed version I believe if I got it right. Im 6’ 140lbs (on my best day) and absolutely love the kart. If you have support for the Otk go for it!

What year redspeed there 2 on Facebook market place for sale for 3850 one race old carts from Bill McLaughlin that are 2022

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I have a 23 RX RR

(20 char)

We started on a 2017 Tony and are now on a new LN kart. The Tony’s are a bit soft for LO206 IMHO. If you run very high grip or are taller they can be a bit more challenging to tune in an LO206 class. The faster regional competitors are mostly on harder purpose built LO206 platforms in our area, chassis like MGM and VLR.
We are competitive with our OTK, I just think we sometimes leave a little on the table vs the stiffer chassis when things grip up. When grip is low, my tall kid on the OTK is one of the fastest. But we are talking differences of 0.1-0.2 sec on a minute plus lap….