What Bodywork Type?

I was looking through FB marketplace and some bodywork popped up and I can’t tell what it is. Seller says KG but it can’t be 506 because the front wing is to pointed and FP7 doesn’t have the significant rounded dip for the nose.

Figured I’d ask the experts and pass the info along

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Also looked at the MK14 bodywork and that set doesn’t have the rounded soy for the nose.

That’s the Parolin Agile bodywork


Dang you guys are quick I bet people dread you all on trivia night,
Thanks again!

Only for karting related stuff! I don’t know about the rest of us, but my knowledge is pretty specialized for just karting. Ask me about music or movies and I don’t know jack.

I thought about pitching something like a karting trivia challenge as a Kart Chaser bit. Take all the other KC broadcast crew, ask them 10 questions, and the person that gets the least right has some punishment they have to do. Start with something simple like “Kart Republic made its debut at what race?” And make things progressively harder, ending with something like “what was the full name of the founder of Tony Kart?”


Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner.

And the front spoiler is for a mini kart if you look at the size. Also the side pods look like for a mini So seller tries to sell mixed up parts…

Nope those are Full sized Parolin Eurostar Agile bodywork. The Parolin sidepods are very small, and likely the lightest out there, I know they definitely were on the last homologation cycle. I don’t believe Parolin made the Agile in a cadet version.

Pretty sure the answer is Tony, Kart. Too easy

Tony Kart is an Italian company (a brand of OTK Kart Group), that produces racing kart chassis. It was founded in 1958 by Antonio “Tony” Bosio. It is based in Prevalle near Brescia in northern Italy.


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…last name, kart?
He does not look like what I expected

I’m getting some Tyrell’s P34 vibes from that front end.