What brand and type are these rims?

We damaged a rear rim and I’d like to buy another rear rim than toss the other three.

I believe the material is magnesium.

Thank you for your help.

Look like the birel freeline rims.

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Thank you!

Any opinions on is it worth getting a rear to compete the set or forget about them and move to something else?

These came with the kart and I’ve only driven an hour or so with them.

What type of chassis?

If you wanted to “upgrade” MXC, and the AMVs are always options you can’t go wrong with.

2017 Otk FA chassis. This is my first season.

I’m also running the MXJ rims.

I use the MXJs on my kart as well. I just believe those two are the good options I’m still saving up for them🤣

These old-style Freeline rims were a bit of an anomaly in terms of how they performed. If you’re on an OTK chassis then I would move on to a different wheel.

Chassis that worked well on that rim were absolutely useless on others like Douglas. They were standard on the Gillard chassis I ran in 2008, and I believe these were fairly high grip. We would switch to MXC’s when the conditions were grippy, so these wheels might be similar to MXJ’s in terms of grip level and performance.

I’ve also seen these wheels explode (on multiple occasions) when beading up the tire in very cold conditions, so be careful!