What can you tell me about this tony kart chassis?

I’ll be running this in L0206, anything the ak code could tell me about year etc?

I’m told it’s a 2016 801r

Ooh, trade you? I have heard for LO a more flexible chassis is better than a stiffer one. Seams like most of the dedicated 4 cycle chassis are 28mm or a mix of 28 & 30mm tubes. The 801 is 32mm. If you are a very heavy driver, then this may work for you. Otherwise may want to find a smaller tube chassis.

For reference I am 6’9" and weigh in at 225 lbs. Currently on a 401R (30mm tubes) and it flexes too much for my build.

Yeah that’s what I was thinking as well Greg, and was my biggest concern.
I’m currently running a k&k (righetti rudolfi) and it’s quite a rough ride. Tried a friends crg and a tonykart and it was like I was on a Sunday cruise compared to how hard I need to battle with my kart

Is this a chassis you are looking at or one you already have? Where are you located? Although I have no experience on any other brand chassis (other than rentals), I have heard that Tony’s have a very flexible waist (aka twist) compared to other brands. What is your is your Height/Weight? What chassis were your friends’ that you tried? It may still work for you if you are a big guy like me.

I’m only 5’6” and 160 lbs. I’m thinking it’s not the best option for me