What chasis is this? “Tony kart”

Hey y’all! Super new at this and some guy is selling me this supposed tony kart for a darn good price but not sure if it’s worth it. Concerned about the minor scrapes on the bottom side. And not sure if I should just pass on this. What’s your take ? How can I identify year and make with no sticker or plate?

Looks like a Tonykart Esprit looking at the rear bars and how they hoop back to the silver torsion bar. esprit was last made in 1996.

They were a great kart at the time, but this one will need some love as I’m sure you guessed. Sidenote, kart that has diagonal sidepod bars like that are pre 2004.

If you’re looking for a fun project and it’s only a couple hundred bucks might be worth a go.

$650 to be exact. You think it’s able to make race in a LO206?

You’ll at least need to change the side point mount positions unless the track you race at doesn’t require currently CIK Homologated bodywork. If that’s the case by the time you’ve bought that as well as a rear bumper (again if your local track requires it) then you would have sunk a few more hundred dollars

Might be fitment issues with the engine (James will know more).

Seems like the upper end price wise for a kart of that age. If you were racing in a retro series, sure, an Espirit is great and those who race in them don’t mind the hassle of sourcing parts.

Hard pass for any purpose at $650, unless you’re in an unusual market.
I would rate that as a sub $300 chassis. It’s lierally 24 years old (or more) and not in great shape.
$300 + parts + your time to make it raceable too. You’ll have to check with your track as well about those older style sidepod brackets being allowed and you’ll have to find a rear bumper setup for it. That’s a few 100 there.

What’s your budget for a kart roughly?

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Awesome!! Thank you so much for the insight

Thank you!!! I am so new at this I have no clue. I would guess $900-$1200not even sure if that’s too low. What is an average price for a preowned rolling chassis

$1200 is definitely on the low side, but if you’re patient you should be able to find something.

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I am patient. Thanks so much for your help

What exactly is a side pod bracket?

It’s the sliver bracket that the bodywork mounts so on the sides. Before 2004, the front of those brackets attached at an angle to the chassis.

Later on, the brackets changed to a type where the brackets basically form a C where they attach to the chassis. Shown by a black line here…