What chassis are supported in the Midwest?

Title explains the question. I’m looking for a good kart to get started in, and I want to know what karts have the best parts and tuning support in the Midwest area, around Badger Kart Club, CHMS and NCMP.

I am fortunate enough to have the choice between an Italkart, a Tonykart, and a CRG/DR chassis. All three are great karts, but I want something with local support. Karters in the Midwest, let me hear your opinions.


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The Ital will probably have the least local support and the Tonykart the most.

What if we get more granular…
Which track/series in the Midwest will you be running?

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That’s a pretty big range, there’s a 4.5 hour drive from Badger to NCMP.

In terms of supported chassis, I don’t know of anyone that carries ItalKart stuff around here.

DR had some decent support but Bob, the guy that ran the DR Midwest dealership, passed away about a month and a half ago so I’m not sure what’s going to happen with that.

OTK will be supported at NCMP through Comet Kart Sales and Franklin Motorsport at Badger, however Franklin works more with Merlin which I have liked a lot this past season.

There is also Top Kart through Top Kart USA and Syntech, and Syntech also supports OTK as well.

I live in the Chicagoland area, so Wisconsin and Indiana are about the same distance. CHMS is a bit closer, cause it’s in Central IL.

I have connections with Viking Kart Products, and I know they have a Merlin with an LO206 for sale (bit expensive, however). Would a Merlin be a good 4-stroke chassis?

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L.A.D. Specialties supports ITALKART in IL if you choose to go that way


I have seen some kids run Merlin in 206 that have been doing pretty well. From my experience running the Grand Nationals I contemplated switching to my Merlin halfway through the weekend, since I thought it would be better than the setup I had. I personally would really recommend the Merlin, and I’m hoping to setup a support network here in Indy for the Merlin brand at New Castle and Whiteland

Lots of brands supported in this region, but the common ones would be Tony Kart, Merlin, CompKart, BirelART/Ricciardo, TB… and more. The ItalKart would probably have less trackside support, but for parts you could probably get almost anything for any brand in the Midwest.