What crank seal lube is best

I’m rebuilding the bottom end of my kart engine and I’m not sure what prelube I should use on the crank seal inner diameter. I think they will need some form of lube to protect them at initial start up. Is two cycle oil adequate or should I use a dedicated seal lube. what are the engine builders on this forum using. Thanks.

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Well im not a professional engine builder , just a hobby kart driver . In my crank seal changes at my 2 stroke engines i use 2 stroke oil as a first prelube from the inside of the crank seal as i install them . After all its the same oil that will continue to keep em alive as the engine works .

And also a tiny amount of instant gasket sealer to the outside rim . The side that the seal will fit in to the crank case , to be sure that it will not move or not sealing 100% .