What difference can I feel between maranello rs10 wheels and birelart DF wheels

the rs10 chassis is 2020

I don’t know the Rs10 wheels. Looking at photos it looks to be a solid, low volume wheel. The front wheels will be a 67mm PCD v 58mm on the Freeline DF so the DFs will not fit on your front hubs, rear wheels should be ok.

The DF is a pretty high grip wheel relative to the more common wheels — OTK MXC or AMV 3F. My guess is that the CRG is not too far off the MXC or 3F, but I do not know this for sure. If you a trying to free your kart, I suspect the DF will not be what you are looking for. If you are looking for more grip, it is worth a try.

For more info on wheels design and performance, check out this info I put together. FYI and in the interest of full disclosure - I am the AMV importer, my company is amvkartcomponents.com

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I seriously doubt you will feel any difference between those wheels. Spend more time and those dollars practicing with what you already have


my old chassis is birelart and I will not buy the rims. I have a set of hubs. The hubs of the maranello do not fit. The original wheels are like CRG. The tracks I drive have less traction.

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Both seem to be low volume wheels which is actually what makes them grippy. They don’t give you more grip per se, they have a lower volume of air which leads to a faster achieved and wider maximum grip window for the tyre.

Doubt you’ll notice much of a difference given both are low volume.

For tracks with low grip what wheels do you offer and in general what setting of maranello it is 32mm is the same as CRG

they don’t look the same to me …

Those are not the same, one is low volume one (the CRG) is not. Your question was what is the difference between BA DF and Maranello RS10 - both look to be low volume.

yes but looking at df it has a lot less volume which means they are better for tracks with low grip

They’re better all round because there is less air. Less air means less pressure change due to heat expansion of that air, means a longer window of operation and less prone to overheating.

can i also use birelart hubs along with the wheel kit? I have short hubs and long hubs

Spoke v solid and offset also have a lot to do with how much grip a wheels will provide.

I would say try the DF. The Birel front hub will fit assuming they are both 25mm spindles. Account for potentially different hub lengths with the spacers to keep the same overall front width (probably 120-122 cm).

Give it a whirl and see what you think.

The front hub does not fit. the holes do not match. The front hubs of the birelart engage differently. Is there an option with a different front hub from a different chassis?

Nearly all metric front wheels/hubs, with the exception of CRG and Kart Republic, are 3/58. See below

CIK homologated karts use 4 different 3 bolt pattern wheels that vary by Pitch Center Diameter (PCD) - ‘A’ in the diagram below.

  • 3/58mm PCD: most popular & used by manufacturers including TonyKart, Birel, and Parolin among others.

  • 3/67mm PCD: used by CRG and the brands it manufacturers

  • 3/69mm PCD used by Kart Republic

  • 3/66mm PCD an option offered by Tecno in addition to its standard 58mm PCD

This information and a lot more on wheel design, I published here Kart Wheels Explained. It is my best attempt at taking all the information that I received from the team at AMV in Italy and distilling it down into something that is understandable to most karters. It is my laypersons’ interpretation of what the engineers told me. I may have “mistranslated” some things, but I double-checked anything I had doubts about with them.

I hope this helps explain wheels/hubs PCD. Effectively with the Freeline DF wheel, you can use any hub with a 58mm PCD which is most hubs used on most karts – except CRG and KR.

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For the overall setup of the rs10, what would you advise me for more grip. For the wheels we agreed, I will replace them with DF. I put a very rigid freeline rear axle and it feels good. The axle is in the middle position. We drive only with Lecont svb tires

This is a very tough question to answer because there are too many variables that I don’t know. And, there are others on this forum that can answer this better than I could.

Depending on where you are, here are some of the things I would try:

  • lower tire pressures
  • soften up the kart
  • raise ride height
  • soft rear axle
  • more caster and/or camber

If this does not work, go the other direction.

In my experience if the kart is in left field, pack up and go home. Put everything back to baseline, put new or nearly new tires on and try again.

What’s the first problem you need to solve? There’s no overall “add grip” answer.

More often than not, there’s one specific problem causing your overall problem and wheels aren’t going to be the answer. That’s a fine tune, not a drastic change.

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For a low grip track you typically want higher tyre px (it’s not unusual for me to start the day at 17 psi!) and stiffer axle, the rest is correct. It’s also fair to say there’s no single set up that will be optimum for everyone, what suits your driving style doesn’t necessarily suit another’s so find the set up that works for you.

Higher tyre pressure for a stiffer side wall allowing the ‘corner’ of the tyre to dig in and bite rather than roll over as it would with lower px

Soften up the kart actually I think you want to stiffen it to increase jacking effect, giving the tyre edge a better angle to bite. Not too sure on that one though, different chassis react differently.

Raise ride height to increase vertical leverage, same as above.

Stiff rear axle to raise up the inner face of the outer wheel, allowing the outer face to bite.

Increase caster won’t have much effect on grip, it will balance your roll out as the fronts straighten up.

You can also widen front track to increase jacking effect, or narrow the rear track to increase jack angle of the rear axle. Front track will also make it a bit twitchy so find a balance.

** do one thing a a time, otherwise you’ll not know which change did or didn’t make a difference **

With very high tire pressure 1.45bar card is the fastest. We drive on tracks with very low traction. This axis that I am with now is very hard and I have one that is very soft. I don’t know what the difference will be if I put it very soft