What do KA100 owners use to clean the fins on their engine?

Hey everyone! For any KA100 owners out there, I was just wondering what you use to clean the fins on the engine? I’ve used steel wool and degreaser in the past, but just wanted to know if anyone had a better way to get into all the little spaces between the fins etc?

Cheers for any help in advance!

Best method for engine cleaning I’ve found is a small plastic tub with about an inch of race gas in it and a big stiff bristle paintbrush. Set the engine in the tub and just brush all the grease off everywhere with gas. Then can rinse with a quick shot of brake cleaner or starting fluid.

At FMS we would have two tubs behind the tent and at the end of every day we take the engines back there for a scrub.

Don’t smoke a cig while you’re doing it.

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S100 Total Cycle Cleaner, its specifically designed for this task on air cooled engines. We have used it for years on Porsche 911 Engines, but originally designed for Motorcycles. We simply put it in a garden sprayer usually 1/2 gallon and spray it on, power wash it off. Very quick and easy and engine will look brand new.