What do you think of my first ka100 jn race

Well, first of all, AMP looks fast!


it is and the elevation change makes it better

Agree. I got to try the rental karts at VIR. Their track had lots of elevation changes as well. Made it more interesting. What RPM are dropping to out of the corners and peaking at the end of the straights? Seems like you could go up a tooth or two on the rear sprocket. Looks like you are getting pulled out of the corners only to slowly catch them at the end of the straights.

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That track is like the Spa-Francorchamps of kart racing! What is the top speed?

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ya thats what we that post race for the next test day we wil try to go up a thooth

in a ka 100 jn you can hit like 65 but if you gearead your kart for top speed you wuld hit like 75mph

Hey Oliver,
Nice race and nice new engine! Not sure if asking for input but here goes:

Pay attention to turn 2. I see you narrowing that on entry a lot.

Presumably that’s because you are defending, hard to tell. If not, use more width to take 2.

Also, regardless of wether defending at 2: you are frequently over a foot off the apex, making the turn longer.

Tighten this turn up. Use the width of the track when you can and get to the kerbing.

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thanks for the tips i will do that next pratice day

Yw. Hope it helps. :racing_car::racing_car::racing_car::racing_car:

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