What does "every 5 ÷10 hours" mean?

Sorry for my ignorance. I’m reading the X30 engine manual. What does “every 5 ÷10 hours” mean? I don’t know how to google this, either. Hope someone could help.

It is odd. I think it is an error (or a usage of the ÷ I am not aware of) and should be just ‘-’ rather than than ‘÷’. I could be wrong, but that would make sense with its usage throughout the manual.

It’s either an edgy way of saying “every 1/2 hr”, or a typo. Use your best judgment.

could you please paste the entire paragraph? Maybe we can guess better, based on more context. The other suggestion is download the italian version, lookup same page, probably typo is not there

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Would appear to be a typo as it appears in the entire document

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I checked the italian version, it’s not a typo. Means “from - to” . The symbol is used to indicate an interval

To clarify, they mean every 5 to 10 hrs, ie no less than 5 but no more than 10?

That’s sounds like what you’d expect… as a club racer we were more like 10hrs for top end but I’m guessing the pro type racers would do 5hr top end.

I’m actually impressed someone is actually reading a manual . . . :rofl:


As a Technical Writer for almost 40 years, 100% this!
RTFM Baby; RTFM. :rofl:

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Is this the proof I find?

No. This is what you need if you really need “proof”. Says it’s used to indicate an interval. Also, if you look at other section of the manual, like the jetting ones, it’s crystal clear that there could be no other use than that. Hope it helps!

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I found this one.

obelus unicode