What does your kart weigh?

I have noticed it is hard to find what the weight of a type of kart is.

I have asked about random karts before and have seen it asked a few times on facebook.

So what kart do you have and what does it weigh race ready?

I know different brands might swing it 5-10#. However I think a general idea of what a class kart might weigh would be a good resource for someone new,

I have a Margay Ignite K3 and it is 165# with no lead and a enough gas for a heat race.
Our Parolin kid kart with a Comer weighs in at 100# and with the Honda it is 105#

Anyone with a Honda shifter, KZ shifter, x-30, Rotax, Rok, KA/VLR, Swift, World Formula, KT100 etc willing to share approx what their kart weighs?

Compkart x30 is 180 lbs for me.

I weigh in at 390 with 45 lbs of lead and weigh 164 lbs.

That’s also likely a full tank of gas so 2 gal liquid as well. Maybe 5-10 lbs outfit/helmet?

Maybe 170 lbs for dry kart?

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That is lighter than I thought it would be. Thanks for sharing.

Anytime. Trust me, it feels plenty heavy trying to lift the rear of a kart with that much lead. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

2018 OTK kart with Yamaha KT100 with pipe is 160. That’s about a gallon of gas on-board

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unfortunately I dont actually know how much lead is on my kart, too much to count. with lead my kart weighs 230 pounds. Its an absolute pain to lift. World formula kart btw. id guess around 60 pounds of lead but it could be more. chassis is dr torq

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My 16 OTK with IAME Ka and half tank of fuel is 175ish

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Dry weight for Extreme Pro (2x200cc) is 185kgs minimum including driver.

The kart + engines is light enough that an 85kg person will need lead weight to achieve minimum.


IIRC my KZ was about 190lbs.

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