What effect does taking the rollbar out of the front of a chassis

Make and model of chassisRigetti Ridolfi

I need help withRollbar

What I’ve tried so farNothing

Basically changes the rigidity of the chassis. More rigidity = more jacking effect

Stiffening then front end increases the effectiveness of the front geometry and weight jacking as @Richard_Jacques said. This will increase turn-in and rate of inside rear wheel lift.

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I see some makes also make a plastic front bar, this seems like it would be such a subtle change it would be hardly noticeable.

Yesterday i tried removing the front bar on my Tecno chassis.
I lost a little grip in the front of course, but it was very minimal.
The interesting thing was that the balance of the kart wasn’t thrown off, but the rear seemed to grip quite a bit earlier than usual, which made it both easier to get on the gas and nicer to drive

If I’m not mistaken, you use it as a tool to aid the chassis for different grip conditions. For example in a low grip green track you’d remove it to give the outer tyre more side bite.

As the grip increases on track you’d install it to run flatter (less jacking) for more traction because you’re running with greater contact patch.

That might of course be complete rubbish, I’m still learning.

TJ will know he’s like Yoda :smiley:

My experience has been that most karts seem to be designed to run either with or without the bar. On an OTK kart, removing the front bar completely ruins the front grip, so 99% of the time you’ll have a bar in of some vary level of stiffness.

On my old ART chassis, you always ran without the front bar, and putting it in totally removed any flex from the kart.