What factory does the Mad Croc chassis come from?

Anyone know? I can’t find a single thing about it…

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They list emme as the maker.

Same factory as EKS.

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As a few people have said Emme kart. I believe they previously made the ArtGP before Birel and Art joined forces. The architect of the original Maranello Kart, Art GP and Mad Croc is Armando Filini.

Any opinions of the MadCroc?

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Wins a lot of races, and if it’s the spiritual successor to the ART GP, it’s probably a really good chassis.

Also, if you like social media drama, they seem to be good at that too.


Bahaha this. It seems to be in good fun but yeah, they know the value of attention and like to stir the pot a little.

As good a chassis as any, wins big races under their tent/team. I can’t speak to results outside of that though.

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Nice kart to drive, and seems well-constructed. Their results show that the chassis can be as good as any. On the other hand, I’m not a fan of Ulman’s approach to social media, nor how he allegedly treats his drivers. Those factors are enough for me to continue supporting other teams/brands.

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I heard some good stories this past weekend from previous Mad Croc team drivers. :grimacing::joy:


I’ll also say, Mad Croc/Croc Promotion is an interesting brand in general. They started with energy drinks I think, sponsored/still sponsor a lot of racecars, expanded to gum and alcoholic drinks afterwards. Mad Old Nut, which is somehow related to Mad Croc, is a Post-Production video editing company that works in Hollywood and worked on shows like Riverdale, Arrow, and The Flash. They also rent out rooms near Hollywood and Beverly Hills, and sell Croc Promotions karts on their website.

Anyone know anything about the owners/shotcallers/anyone involved there?

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For sure very interesting brand and people into all kinds of things. Such is Karting!

Not to take anything away from the chassis, but you put Billy in I believe almost any chassis and he can win. He’s arguably one of the best shifter drivers If not the best in the country right now. Remember last year he won just as much in an Aluminos the last couple years.


This. As I always say, look at what karts are winning, but then look at what karts are losing.

Often it’s the same brand and it’s having the right drivers in the seat that makes the difference. Billy is top-tier, he could win on any brand.


They look a little like a Mach1