What happened to Arrow Kart in the States?

When I stepped away a few seasons ago Arrow Kart had established itself as one of the elite brands in American karting. Fast forward until now I haven’t seen or heard of arrow in any national results.

Just curious on everyone’s perspective on what happened? I’ve always been a fan of the arrow chassis

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I’m curious, too. I’ve never had one, but I was seriously tempted at one point. I though Comet was fairly active with the brand at one time, but they seem to focus much more on OTK, at the events I see them.

Dave Sera still races the DPE built Arrow chassis over there at the Los Vegas SKUSA race, if that is the same brand. Dave’s gear has been branded as Deadly in the past but it is the same chassis
I know he takes them from here and leaves them in the States to be sold, I had assumed by whoever is the DPE/Arrow dealer over there.
Arrows have always been a good kart, but their new model out this year is an X5 and it is seriously cleaning up over here at the moment. Makes one want to change Chassis after being committed to another…

DPE Stands for - Drew Price Engineering

Bill is correct, the Sera (formerly Deadly) kart is an Arrow kart, painted green. The most common Arrow dealer I heard of is/was KartSport NA, but I do not know if they still carry the brand. They picked up Kart Republic and dropped Praga, but still have both Praga and Arrow/Deadly on their website last I checked.

I drove one a while ago, turned in really well but the brakes were so touchy I couldn’t get used to them in the couple sessions I had. I’m interested in what happened to them in America as well if anybody knows.

The Deadly and Arrow are the same chassis just branded differently bit like the OTK brands.

Deadly is now called Sera kart (after Dave) and the new X5 Chassis is an awesome bit of gear.

Kart-O-Rama in Washington state sells Arrow.

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