What Hilliard Clutch Shoe are you running in 206?

So I have to ask, which clutch shoe do you folks run and/or prefer?

#1 Hilliard 1
#2 Hilliard 2

  • Clutch Shoe 1
  • Clutch Shoe 2

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Number 2 is all I have ever run. Good performance and reliability, came with my 206 and never switched. I actually contacted Hilliard years ago with a question on which clutch weight I should use, they got back very promptly and were happy to help.

I didn’t know there was anything other than the second choice.

#2 but I’ve always been told to face my shoes ahead so they’re facing the opposite direction as what the picture shows.

Depends on if you’re inboard or outboard. That’s the “leading” for inboard

Hilliard makes 3 clutch designs.

The Fury is their economical version shown in option 1

The Flame pictured in option 2 and the Fire, which looks like option 2 but has a bonded friction material on each shoe. I would be more interested in knowing where people are on Fire or Flame?

Unless you are new to the sport and just pounding out laps, there is no reason to be running number 1. 80% of the Hilliard users run the Flame and 20% run the Fire. While this debate will get fiesty on what the “best” clutch is… Please remember that in 75-90% of tracks, the clutch makes 0 difference in lap times.


I’ve used the second one, the Flame i thunk its called. I just bought another Briggs engine for spare/practice and it came with a Fire clutch with the fiber shoes. We’ll give it a shot this weekend and see if there is any difference.

Reason I ask is because someone I know swears by the fire clutch shoes in pic #1. I ran it during my last race, but my kart picked up a serious vibration about half way into the race. Not sure if it was the clutches fault, or if something illrelated was going on. So I really didn’t get to experience the difference.

The pic #1 is the “Fury” shoes. If your vibration was at clutch stall speed it very well could have been “chatter”. They do that sometimes. Not necessarily an indication of them working well or not. There is no speed to be gained between those two shoes. Although, worth mentioning, the engagement speeds will be different for a certain set of springs due to the shoes weighing different amounts. In other words, when you change shoes, you need to change springs to get the same engagement speeds.

Put me down for the Fire x2. This all we have used so I can’t compare but no complaints.