What is a fuel catch tank

Hi all, I’m very new to this, just brought a cadet go kart for my 8 year old on Saturday. I’ve a little knowledge of engines, but not loads.

The cart I’ve brought is a cadet, with a Honda gx160 engine. There is an additional little fuel tank (which after researching I believe is called. Catch tank) higher up above the main tank.

Could anyone tell me what this is? Should it have any fuel in it (it currently does)?

Also I have struggled with air in the fuel line?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks guys.


Assuming the GX160 does not have a over-engine mounted tank like a Comer 50/51 and uses the tank mounted behind the steering upright support, the Catch tank allows air in to displace fuel consumed from the tank but gives a small reservoir for any sloshed out fuel to collect without being expelled onto the kart, driver or track.

As far as air in the lines, fuel evaporates and the pickup is moving around in the tank as the kart moves and can sometime pick up a little air. A little air is no big deal as it will not usually make it to the carburetor and gets trapped at the bend of the fuel line where it exits the tank and takes a 180* turn down the steering upright support. If you are getting air up to the carb, you may need to replace your fuel lines and/or check for weak joints or cracks that would allow additional air to enter the system.

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Thanks so much. That really has helped.