What is the best way to get the weight balance to the center of the cart while sitting in it with a half tank of gas

I’m new to the party but I have years of competition on dirt bikes and side-by-sides.

I really want to get the weight of the karts evenly on all four wheels. Does anybody have any ideas on how I can do that?

So, I would not be shooting for 50/50 weight distribution front to back. You will want I want to say about 43% front/57% back weight, and 50/50 side to side.

In terms of scaling the kart, you can use longacre racing scales, or theoretically even bathroom scales as long as you have 4 of them and someone to read it. Just make sure you have flat ground to measure it on and put the scales under the kart. You should be able to use the individual measurements to calculate weight distribution.

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4 bathroom scales are OK but they have to be digital with stiff springs (the glass kind are best) so that they can stay level under load. You’ll want to level them and make sure they all display the same weight.

To adjust weight distribution, you can move ballast weights around, or move the seat. The driver can get comfortable in any seat position, so don’t let that influence where the seat goes.